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Conflict Perspective Analysis Essay

I believe that the conflict perspective points out the truth of everything that happens in the mass media. I think this perspective shows the truth behind what is being said and shown by the media versus what they are trying to persuade individuals to believe in. Gatekeepers filter through all information before it is released to the public and they portray the message they want to get across whether or not the information is completely false or half true. Conflict perspective describes that people take advantage of the power and authority they hold in order to protect any information they do ot want released to the general public. For example, For instances, I believe that the media is currently attempting to persuade the public to believe that any foreign individual has some link to terroism.

The media finds any background information such as something as simple as a traffic ticket and they exxagerate in order to make the individual seem more harmful than they really are. Another example of the media attempting to use false information in order to receive publicity are all of the photoshopped pictures of celebrities involving their body images. Everytime I walk in a grocery store I see magazines hat show celebrities whom have gained excessive weight. Later, an individual can see that the information is false when the celebrity is on television for a tell all story. You can clearly see they do not eigh nearly as much as the media portrayed. These examples are similar to those of the conflict perspective in which gatekeepers hold the power to turn factual information into deceiving lies.

2. on individual’s behaviors and the rational behind their actions. I feel that this perspective is strongly involved with the mass media. Gatekeepers portray information that greatly influences ndividuals throughout the life span. They attempt to The interactionist perspective focuses misconscrew information to whatever it may be that they want to persuade the public to believe in or it may be a new trend they want them to follow. I feel that certain that certain things the media portray may protect individual or lead them to avoiding possibly harmful substances. An example of this may be a commercial that persuades individuals to stop smoking by showing a person that is in the worst condition from smoking, which may or may not happen to other individuals. The point hey get across is that smoking may result in a horrible disease process or diminished quality of life among other complications.

On the other hand, the media may portrays other things that can lead to harmful behaviors or negative actions. For example, the media may portray that the new trend of the year is to be a size zero. This effects vulnerable individuals, especially teenage girls that may have the desire to “fit in”. This leads to harmful behaviors when the teenagers become anorexic which may also result in negative behaviors related to the lack of necessary nutrients in order to function properly. I feel these are the same behaviors and actions that the interactionist perspective incorporates when investigating an individual’s behaviors and actions that are influenced by the media. Overall, based off of these examples, I believe social networks can be positive or negative depending on the topic, the information being protrayed, and the individuals whom are influenced. The feminist perspective focuses on the sterotype of the media on multiple topics but all of which protray the message that men are superior to women. One issue is pornography which in my opinion degrades women.

The society has come to believe that pornography is acceptable and this is held against many women whether they are a participant or not. I feel that this issue is directly linked with the crime of rape. Based on the way media portray women, I believe that many men feel that women are vulnerable and they easily become a victim of this crime. Pornography also potentiates the effects of the crime of 3. rape due to the fact that women choose to participate. On the other hand, the men that participate in pornography have good reputations whereas the women’s reputation is ruined. These xamples show that men are praised for these actions whereas women are punished for the same actions. Overall, sex, drugs, and crime are all portrayed differently and many individuals are influenced based on what they see or hear. I feel that an individual’s actions and behaviors are influenced by the media, their surroundings, their peers, and their own judgement.

4. I learned a lot from this video in only fifteen minutes. Prior to this video I thought that domestic violence only involved physical abuse, but its more than that just abuse. I learned that there are steps to the process which include seducing, isolation, hreats, and to eventually kill the victim. The abuser is very convincing and the victim is lured into to the situation because of love. I have to agree that the number one question I hear related to domestic violence cases is “Why didn’t she leave? ” People whom have no experience with domestic violence may think it is so easy to walk out and leave it behind. People do not realize that there are multiple reasons for the victim staying in the relationship. One example, such as in the video, a person may not realize they are a victim of abuse due to the amount of love they have for the abuser.

When victims attempt to leave, the abuser may become even more aggressive and find multiple ways to destory the victims life in order to make them stay. A lot of victims of domestic violence feel that they are alone and they keep it to themselves. Many people every day are victims of domestic violence and the best thing a person can do when going through this, is to tell someone. Overall, it was a great video and I feel more knowledgeable on this topic. I also will never ask “Why didn’t she just leave? ” Now I can be an advocate for these victims when the topic arises. Awareness is the best efense for these scenarios.

5. Functionalist, conflict, and interactionist perspectives are all similar in the fact that they are different ways of analyzing sociology. The functionalist perspective is a positive method of analyzing a society and the individuals that work together in order for the society to fucntion properly. For example, a person has multiple body systems and each system must work together in order for the body to function properly. On the other hand, the conflict perspective focuses on individual’s behaviors and the factors that may contribute to their behaviors or actions.

Conflict focuses on the different classes in a society and the struggles the society may face. feel that the functionalist and conflict theories are very different in the aspect that one view focuses on a society functioning properly and the other focuses on the differences and struggles of the society. I feel that the interactionist theory fits in the middle of the functionalist and conflict theory. This is due to the fact that the interactionist perspective focuses on the individuals and the individual’s understanding or rationalization of certain categories. I feel that he interactionist theory does not label, it is a way of learning and understanding individuals based on their definition of things. Overall, all three views focus on analyzing socioloigy, but i feel that each theory is very different in the approaches and methods that are used. If i were to choose one perspective, i would choose the interactionist theory when reflecting on my view of locker room talk.

I feel that “locker room talk”, is just individuals holding a conversation that may or may not acquire any true feeling or meaning. For example, a recent topic was Donald Trumps locker room talk”. If i could interview Donald Trump, i would approach him by using the interactionist theory. By using this method, i could ask for his understanding and meaning behind the conversation. I feel the interactionist perspective would focus on his value of the conversation, the pleasure or pain that was perceived from his statements, and the reasoning behind the conversation in general. I believe this perspective would be the best choice for this topic and scenario. i also feel this approach would has the best results when analzing the data collected.

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