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Cary Gallant Sociological Theory Essay

Tam taking the life story of my mother Tammy Lynn Gallant to analyze in a sociological perspective. Tammy was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. She was born at the Grace Maternity Hospital, known today as the IWK Children’s Hospital, on November 13th 1978. Born to parents also known as my grandparents Kathleen Kharma, and Mike Kharma. Tammy’s mother was born and raised on McNut’s Island off the shores of Shelburne. While her father was born in Lebanon, and immigrated to Canada where he met and married Kathleen. Therefore Tammy is Canadian, and half Lebanese.

Tammy has lived and grown up in Halifax Nova Scotia, with her 2 othe siblings, brother George and sister Rhonda. Tammy had lived next door to a guy named Eric Gallant, who she started dating in High school. At the age of 19, Tammy and Eric Gallant had given birth to a baby girl who they named Ashley. At the age of 24 Tammy and Eric had gotten married, and moved from Halifax, to the Lower Sackville area of Nova Scotia, Canada. Tammy had attended a college or Running Head: Sociological Theories university, instead she started her own business around the age of 20.

She had started her own maid service that she has continued to run to this very day. Tammy had moved to another house located in Lower Sackville around the age of 27, where she finally felt settled with Eric and daughter Ashley. On November 15th, 2006, Tammy and Eric had given birth to another baby girl, who she named Autumn. Tammy is a very positive individual, she has a shy personality at first, although when she opens up to others she is a very fun spirited person to be around. Tammy has had many different sociological concepts and theories throughout her life, and will continue to go through many more, as she gets older.

Tammy is a very positive person, although she hasn’t been this way throughout her whole life. As a child Tammy had gone through many difficult situations, and each situation had improved her many outlooks on life. It has shaped her into the individual she is today. Tammy has the very strong belief of “teach it’s own”. Tammy believes every has their own way of presenting themselves to society, and this outlook prevents Tammy from judging others, and primarily focus on how she wishes to present herself to society. Tammy had become pregnant at the age of 18.

Her Beliefs were highly against abortions, she did not consider this as an option. Therefore Tammy was given a goal to carry and give birth to a child within the next nine months. This goal had many negative consequences along the way, Tammy unfortunately had not been able to finish high school, and had finished up until Grade 11. Tammy’s father also had asthma his whole life, and unfortunately his asthma had acted up the worst it ever had while Tammy was pregnant, this added a Running Head: Sociological Theories lot of stress as she was constantly trying to be there for her father.

On top of everything else Tammy had also needed to gather proper items for the soon to be delivered baby, along with finding an affordable place to live with her boyfriend Eric at the time. Towards the end of the 9 months Tammy had given birth to a baby girl Ashley, she was financially stable and had plenty of support. This is a sociological concept of Rationalization as Tammy was given a specific goal, and she had many negative events occur while trying to achieve this goal, in which she successfully had accomplished. Tammy also had a strong Belief of the term ” Everything happens for a reason”.

This belief was one she has carried throughout her whole life up until this very day. It originated after four months of giving birth to her daughter Ashley, her father’s asthma had gotten to the worst stage possible and unfortunately he passed due to an asthma attack. Tammy was very close to her father, and she believed if it weren’t for having the positive distraction of a new child, she would have been in a very bad place due to her father’s passing. Tammy had also went back to school for the year and attended a few courses, to which she received a certificate stating she had completed secondary school.

Tammy had married Eric Gallant at the age of 24, on June 8th 2002. She got married at the Bedford Baptist Church, where all of her close family and friends attended. They were both able to exchange their vows and share this special moment with all of their close family and friends, starting a new chapter in life. The wedding ring was a symbol of their love. It was a symbol of infinity, meaning there Running Head: Sociological Theories love is forever as it’s shaped in a circle and has no end. Tammy’s wedding was a huge advantage in her life, as she now had gained a partner for the rest of her life, who would always be there for her.

It was also another advantage because Tammy was then introduced to many new friends and family of Eric, and could then expand her socialization skills to a greater extent. Tammy is Canadian, and part Lebanese from her father’s side. Tammy’s father and majority of his family from Lebanon immigrated to Nova Scotia many years ago. Tammy and her family were then introduced to many new traditions from the Lebanese culture. Some of Tammy’s material culture included Lebanese food. As Tammy had gotten older, she grew fonder of the Lebanese food that her family had shared, to a point where she had been involved in preparing and cooking the food.

Tammy still to this day cooks Lebanese food, her favourite dishes to make are called Kibbeh, tabouleh, and laham ajeen. The laham ajeen dish, also known as mini meat pies consisted of dough, stuffed with steak and onion. This dish required 2 people to make, as this was an advantage. The dough rises very quicky, therefore another person needs to be present in order to stuff the dough in time. Tammy had started her own business at the age of twenty, a maid cleaning service that she currently runs to this day as well. Tammy has cleaned a variety of different homes for many different people.

One house in particular Tammy had cleaned years ago had quite the bit of a conflict theory involved. Tammy had cleaned a house with five levels. She was constantly aggravated, as the woman in particular that she cleaned for, was a very bossy lady. This lady had finally pushed Running Head: Sociological Theories Tammy over the edge, and Tammy had become furious, as she had every right to be. She quit and told the lady she’d never clean for her again. This was unfortunately a disadvantage for Tammy, since she had lost a customer.

This was also an advantage for Tammy too, as she had gotten rid of a customer that had driven nothing but negativity into her life. Tammy having the opportunity and commitment to running her own maid service has it’s own big advantage in general, it gave Tammy the opportunity to socialize with many people, a couple in particular whom she had generated a very close bond with. Tammy had even taken a trip with this couple she cleaned for, to Dominican and many other places in 2005. Tammy is a maid, along with a mother. She follows through with many typical gender roles of a female.

Tammy cleans houses for a living, as well as her own house. Tammy cooks supper, she prepares lunch for the family, and she also cleans a numerous amount of areas in the house. She’d taken care of Ashley and Autumn as they grew older. She does the laundry, cleans dished, along with plenty other chores that are considered of the specific gender role. During the year of 2007, Tammy had bought a trailer at the Whispering Winds Campground, in Shubenacadie Nova Scotia. Considering camping happens mainly throughout the warmer months of Nova Scotia, along with takes place mostly outdoors, Tammy had to undergo adaption of a new environment.

Tammy has very severe allergies to insect bites, especially hornets and bees. This allergy has put a big fear into Tammy’s life, and it was a bit of a disadvantage, as bees and hornets were more active throughout the months of camping. Tammy had learned to adapt to her Running Head: Sociological Theories surrounding environment, taking precautions when near the specific insects she was highly allergic to, along with purchase an epipen incase of an emergency. Camping was also known as an advantage for Tammy, as this encouraged her to use more socialization skills, she had then met many people she had common interests with.

One of the biggest advantages camping had, that impacted Tammy and her family’s life in a very positive way. This advantage was when meeting a particular family who had also camped at this same campground. This family consisted of a couple with two children, the same as Tammy’s. Tammy and this couple had grown so close, that to this day, 4 years later they do everything together. Tammy had never gotten along well with her brother George, and sister Rhonda. She has beliefs that family doesn’t have to be by blood. Tammy considers that the couple she’d met 4 years ago while camping, as the family she has never had.

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