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Beowulf: Monsters of America

In the epic Beowulf, many monsters existed that threatened a societys way of life. This theme can directly be related to us because of the many troubles facing our communities today. We face these troubles everyday; sometimes in our churches and schools, and as a society we have learned of many different dangers that threaten our lives today. We face many troubles in todays society, and many monsters exist that threaten our communities and ways of life such as weapons, alcohol, and drugs.

To begin with, weapons have caused a violent change in our society, leaving people afraid to leave their homes. First, guns have caused a major change because of the many public shootings that have resulted in many deaths. For example, the many school shootings and the recent church shooting in Ft. Worth have left many people to believe that no place is ever safe. These frequent shootings have shown us how guns are easily obtained by almost anyone whether adult or juvenile.

The ready availability of weapons, including semi-automatic guns, has increased the incidence of violence and caused many deaths to innocent people. The many bombings that have occurred in recent times, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the American Embassy bombings, have also shown an increase in a violent weapon that results in many deaths. In addition to weapons, alcohol can also pose a deadly threat to many people throughout the community.

Many governmental studies have proven that alcohol and drunk drivers result in most of the automotive deaths each year. Not only are the intoxicated drivers killed, but many innocent people are also killed or severely injured by drivers that are under the influence. Alcohol is also a major cause of domestic problems such as divorce, child abuse, and spousal abuse, which directly results in violence, and the disruption of home life.

Many crimes are also a direst result of people under the influence of alcohol and it is responsible for 83% of murders committed and 72% of all sexual assaults. In addition to the all of the violence, many heavy drinkers also suffer cirrhosis of the liver as a result from the long-term abuse of alcohol. Finally, drug use is another monster that corrupts society and poses a very dangerous threat to many people in a community. Drugs are dangerous, mind-altering chemicals that corrupt the body and mind, leaving people slow and unintelligent.

In addition to this, drugs are considered illegal by law and severe penalties are the result to anyone in possession of any illegal substance. Many law enforcement officials can also be corrupted as a result of drug use because of all the money involved in drug sales. Drug use is also very dangerous, and many deaths have occurred as a result of drug use, such as the many teenagers in Plano, and Mark Tuinei, the famous Dallas Cowboy. Drug use also stimulates the transmission of disease, such as AIDS and hepatitis, because of the use of dirty needles.

Many athletes use drugs in order to enhance their performance by taking artificial hormones or steroids, and as a result many athletes destroy their bodies, and are more susceptible to cancer and heart disease. In conclusion, alcohol, drugs, and weapons significantly affect modern society. It is evident that all of these problems are corrupting the minds and bodies of many of Americas youth. Hopefully in the future us as a society will be able to correct these problems. But, until then these are truly the monsters of present day society.

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