The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is a video game for the Playstation 3 and 4, created by the game company Naughty Dog. It follows the storyline of two characters in a post apocalyptic world. “What is the disaster? ” you ask. A zombie outbreak, once again. However, this one has a new spin on things to … Read more

Personal Essay: Video Game Analysis

I was twelve years old. My brother had just relinquished control over the precious family computer, after a lengthy 90 minute lesson in child-hood restraint. I was stationed in the living room, seated upon a spinning desk chair. Wee! I spun around once, twice, overjoyed. Then, focused, I would click on the start menu, searching … Read more

Roger Ebert’s Video Games Can Never Be Art Essay

Throughout history, Art has been a form of expression that has altered situations, revolutionized methods of thought, and shaken worlds, both building them up and crumbling them downward. These days however, Art has become a form which is underrated and under appreciated due to the technological and business worlds taking over. Despite these advancements though, … Read more