What Are Crusader Castles?

The Levant is not a small geographic blip on the map, spanning thousands of kilometers north to south, and stretching hundreds of miles from the west coast of the Mediterranean, to the North Arabian Desert and Mesopotamian in the east. As such, the diverse landscapes and cultures inhibit the ability to generalize the construction of … Read more

Essay on Macbeths Corruption

As a common definition, a tyrant is a cruel and oppressive ruler, while, in ancient Greece, a tyrant is referred to as a ruler who seized power unconstitutionally or inherited such power. In the mind of Shakespeare, it is clear he believes that anyone who is a tyrant is also inherently corrupt; these individuals, as … Read more

How Did Julius Caesar Rise To Power Essay

Julius Caesar’s death included twenty-three brutal senators, an apparent close friend that turned out to be an enemy, a community that loved their leader, and a whole lot of power. Julius Caesar was the most powerful figure in the history of the Roman Republic, and at the time was gaining unlimited power. Caesar gained so … Read more