Woman To Child Poem Analysis

Woman to Child is a poem written by Judith Wright. The title Woman to Child refers to the speaker’s relationship with her child, and how she feels about it. The poem Woman to Child is about the speaker’s love for her child, and how she wishes she could keep him safe from the world. The … Read more

Imagery In Dover Beach

Dover Beach is a poem by Matthew Arnold. Dover Beach is renowned for its use of imagery and sound. The poem Dover Beach uses imagery to describe the beach as a place where “the sea is calm and beautiful.” The sound in Dover Beach is also used to create a sense of peace and tranquility. … Read more

Living In Sin Poem Analysis

Adrienne Rich’s poem, “Living In Sin,” is a haunting and beautiful exploration of a woman’s experience living in an unhappy marriage. The poem tells the story of a woman who is slowly coming to realize that her relationship is not what she thought it was. The poem is narrated by the woman, and she describes … Read more

Daystar Rita Dove Analysis

Daystar is a poem by Rita Dove. It tells the story of a young girl’s journey to find her purpose in life. The poem is filled with imagery and symbolism that help to paint a picture of the girl’s journey. Daystar is a beautiful poem that speaks to the human condition. “Daystar” by Rita Dove … Read more

Victor Mendoza’s Goblin Market Essay

Purpose of Article This journal article, written by Victor Mendoza, observes the relationship between sexual desire and economic consumption in the poem Goblin Market. The article is broken up into five sections, each examining a different aspect of this relationship. Mendoza draws heavily from Karl Marx’s writings on economic structure to frame his argument. Summary … Read more