Comparing Gustav Klimt’s Pear Tree And Albert Bierstadt’s the Rocky Mountains

While observing Pear Tree, by Gustav Klimt and Rocky Mountains, by Albert Bierstadt, It is quite evident to spot innumerable differences between the two works. However, there are also some similarities between both paintings that hide beyond the differences. These similarities rest within the formatting and stylistic choices of the artist’s, the pieces’ historical contexts, … Read more

Significance of traveling to mountains

Who might not appreciate making a trip to mountains? Nearly everybody cherishes to movement particularly mountains as it is the type of most fun activity.There is nothing very like voyaging, such as observing another place out of the blue or coming back to a most loved place. Individuals everything being equal, from all nations, travel … Read more


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Brazil allows vast geographical area with mountain trails. Brazilians express their interest towards outdoor activities specially cycling. Due to lack of knowledge, some Brazilians of smaller cities don’t know about benefits of bicycling. Because of that some Brazilians are facing some health problems. Cycling is cost efficient as well as non-polluting, the environment, … Read more