Anthrax: A Biological Weapon

Biological warfare has been around since the 19th century. It can include any organism or toxin found in nature to kill or injure people. Many nations are seeking ways to acquire biological weapons to use against other nations and there have been many concerns of terrorist groups having the technology to use them. In fact, … Read more

Essay On Pinworms

The pinworm, also known as the Enterobius vermicularis is a parasitic worm that lives in the human digestive system. The emergence of pinworms occur mostly during back-to-school season. Pinworms, classified taxonomically as a helminth, are one of the most common worm infections in the United States, and holds the broadest geographic range of any helminth … Read more

Pertussis Significance Essay

Significance of pertussis Pertussis is an important communicable disease in which we must be aware of, it is exceedingly contagious. The main sign that one portrays when this disease is present is uncontained aggressive coughing, which can lead to difficulty in breathing to some individuals. Whooping cough is also another name for pertussis mainly because … Read more