Gender in As You Like It

Present day conceptions of gender would appear to be different to what they were in Shakespeares day. Clear cut divisions of male, female and neuter are apparent. One would need to look back to the time of Shakespeare to try and see the different view of gender identity. Using the play As You Like It … Read more

John Singleton’s Boys In The Hood: An Examination Of Strain Theory, Control Theory, Differential Association Theory, Labeling Theory, And Conflict Theory I

Boys in the Hood: Deviance Theories In the movie Boys in the Hood it showed many different characteristics on theories of deviance. The theories were, strain theory; control theory; differential association theory; labeling theory and conflict theory. In this movie all the theories were evidently shown with the acting of all the characters Dough boy, … Read more

The Influence Of Personality Type On Speaking Achievement Of Undergraduate Efl Students

There are a number of factors which influence the success of learning foreign language including students’ personality type. Thus, this study was aimed at finding out whether there is a significant correlation between students’ personality type and their speaking achievement of the fifth semester undergraduate EFL student at English Education Study Program of UIN Raden … Read more

American Heroes: Franklin and McCandless as the Representatives of American values

In Ourselves We Trust America has always been a place of ideals, a place where people have striven for their concept of a perfect lifestyle. Certain virtues have permeated the American spirit, and they continue to influence social revolutionaries today. Motivation, courage, intellect, and thoughtfulness are some of the most pertinent assets of the stereotypical … Read more

A Problem Of Self Identity In Joy Luck Club Novel

In the book Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, there are many characters that faced obstacles in finding themselves. One of these characters is Ying-Ying St. Clair. Throughout the various stages of life, as a child, adult, and a mother, Ying-Ying St. Clair has struggled with Chinese and American culture in finding her own self-identity. … Read more

Sant Tukaram (1936) and Sant Dyaneshwar (1940) movies

In the saint films like Sant Tukaram (1936) and Sant Dyaneshwar (1940) there is an attempt towards regional-cultural negotiation of the biographical genre., Nnarratives one around the life of respective Saints are presented through its emphasis on devotional philosophy, which could be read as Non-Brahmin culture. Here we see, possibilities of challenging the caste and, … Read more

“Identical Seeming Skins:” Identity and the Short Story in The Beggar Maid

In an oft-cited review of Alice Munro’s fourth published collection, critic John Gardner asks a pertinent question regarding “whether The Beggar Maid is a collection of stories or a new kind of novel.” While this question is not only germane, but even imperative to interpretation of Munro’s work, Gardner’s treatment of it is careless. He … Read more

Transgender health disparities

As the literature suggests, there is a dire need for radical change within medical education programs and practices. In order to address the issue of transgender health disparities, medical training and awareness must be improved upon. There is ample evidence indicating that the medical training programs in the U.S. are not even incorporating LGBTQ health … Read more

Looking At India As A Nation State

While analyzing our country a very distinct feature that always stands out to me is the history and foundation behind the amalgamation of states forming one unified country i.e. India. I see our political state as a country being an umbrella to diverse states based on concepts of colonial, monarchial, radical and linguistic ideals. Creating … Read more

Review on Depo-Provera injection

Depo-Provera is a brand name for Medroxyprogesterone acetate, a female contraceptive injection that contains progestin hormone. Ideally called the injection or DP, it was approved in 1992 by the Federal Drug Administration as a type of contraception (Shoup, 2012). The progesterone in the infusion is similar to that produced naturally in a woman’s reproductive system. … Read more

Homosexuality and religion

“ These days, people love to engage their mind debating about controversial topics and express their perspectives on the issue. One arguably controversial topic is ‘Gay Marriage’; it is debated so often because of the different views behind it. Gay marriage is defined as marriage between partners of the same sex. There are laws which … Read more

Jane Goodall: biography

Jane Goodall was born on April 3, 1934, in London, England. She started liking animals during her early years. In her leisure time, she observed birds and nature. Since she was little she would dream of going to Africa to find exotic animals. She would make sketches and notes about the animals she would observe. … Read more

The Biography Of The Multi- Talented Entertainer – Chelsea Chanel Dudley

The female American born entertainer Channel West Coast whose occupation include; Singing, acting, rapping, television presenting and song writing gained a new level of fame and popularity through the roles she took in MTV’s Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. Chanel’s genres in music include pop, hip-hop and R&B, she released her debut album Blueberry … Read more

Representation of women and romantic expressions in Disney princess movies

With the first generation of Disney Princess movies, the manifestation and establishment of several female archetypes is distinctly obvious. These archetypes can each be defined by several similar properties, which can be analyzed according to whether they are physical attributes or personal characteristics. Such archetypes work together in an intersubjective manner, to shape the way … Read more

The Larry Nassar Case

Larry Nassar was a well-known trainer for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University who treated and cared for young athletes for decades. Years passed and allegations arose from a list of women stating he violated them sexually under medical treatment. Nassar attended the Summer Olympics with USA Gymnastics from 1996-2008 and has been found guilty … Read more

History of Gender inequality

Gender inequality is not only the matter of a special country or place instead it has always been a global issue for people. Men and women are almost equal in the total universe but still women are not given equal status with men and this unequal gender role in nationalization process operates in every country. … Read more

The Biography Of A Golfer Bryson Dechambeau

Bryson DeChambeau caught the attention of golf players and enthusiasts alike when he won both the NCAA and U.S. Amateur title in the same year, a feat previously managed by a handful of players that include Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods. With his name being mentioned among such legendary golfers, DeChambeau has the … Read more

How Did Women Of Sparta Live?

“On the other side, women of Sparta were enjoying a different kind of freedom. Unlike Athenian women, they weren’t excluded from any economic decision-making or hadn’t autonomy and involvement in social issues. Spartan women had financial power and influence. Also the girls were able to exercise, do sports, move themselves freely and were publicly educated … Read more

Contemporary Identity Of Chettinad Houses In Tamilnadu

This proposal examines the production of visually striking/brilliant palatial houses built by the chettiars during the colonial era between 1860 and 1930 as a result of industrial capitalism. I primarily look upon the elaborately painted ornamental houses that bureaucrats as a statement of social achievement, by using the method from history and ethnography. In addition … Read more

Eminem: Life Before The Fame

Forty-five-year-old Marshall Bruce Mathers III, more well-known by his stage name “Eminem”, is an extremely successful actor, rapper, record producer, and songwriter. Through the years “Eminem has grown as an artist”, broken many records, and received countless awards. Some of his greatest accomplishments include: Becoming the first rapper ever to receive an Oscar for ‘Best … Read more

The Daughters of Aataentsic

Introduction When one looks through history, there is something the Wyandot knew that most other cultures are only recently discovering. This is the importance of a balanced society where both men and women are fully able to contribute their abilities and talents to the community. In this paper, I will be focusing specifically on the … Read more

Transgender Rights and Representation in Sports

Introduction While transgender people have always existed throughout the entire timeline of humanity, the societal acceptance of deviating from assigned genders continues to be a contested debate. Particularly in modern western cultures, gender and sex are largely synonymous. While cultures throughout history have recognized transgender people, explaining the identity as a third gender or a … Read more

How teenage girls help rehome pets

Imagine you are all alone outside in the cold with no food or water, and people passing by and doing nothing. As a result that all changed when teens started to help find homes for abandoned pets. Teen activist, such as Faye Carey, Anya Agarwal, and Sparta High School Students are working hard to combat … Read more

Tiffany Trump’s Biography

There is always something new to be said about the Trump’s family- from politics to business and then to their social and personal lifestyles. One good story that remains intriguing to people is the one that is linked to “the forgotten Trump”, Tiffany Trump. Although Tiffany has tried to keep information about her private, topics … Read more

Uncle Tom’s Cabin themes

Slavery and National Identity Oloudah Equiano’s Narrative of the Life and Harriett Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin demonstrate the formation of a national identity in which minorities must justify their rights reasonably and quietly, while white citizens can defend their own rights or causes as outspokenly as they desire. This, at best, amounts to white … Read more

Zagarri: Women and Politics

Dr. A. Hunter HST333 12 February 2018 Zagarri: Women and Politics In Revolutionary Backlash, Rosemarie Zagarri explores the evolution of changing perception of women’s involvement in the political realm following the American Revolution and towards Andrew Jackson’s presidency. The American Revolution had an immediate impact and changed the mass thought of the political status of … Read more

Reviewn on anthropology and development

The essay will look at different works within the discipline to expand on this “evil twin” relationship as we move away from this iconic work to contextualist this debate within current anthropology. The first section will look back at the discourse of development and anthropology as the history of both these fields is essential to … Read more

The Hungry Woman

Cherrie Moraga comes from a Latino background, her mother being half-Mexican and her father being American. Growing up as Chicana, a Mexican and American woman, she personally struggled with being able to her mixed identity. Her search to find her queer identity, the Chicano Movement, racial ethnicity discrimination, and her feministic approach shaped the culture … Read more

The Masculine and Feminine Identity in Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White

Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White portrays the distinctly partitioned sexual spheres in the Victorian era, as is reflected through the weak and victimized female characters and the powerful and domineering male characters. The Victorian femininity is characterized through passivity, endurance and unassertive meekness, while masculinity is characterized by energy, action and resoluteness. The passive … Read more