Isolation and Identity in The Namesake

The Namesake explores the themes of isolation, identity, clash of cultures and the immigrant experience. Through the Ganguli family Lahiri looks at how the immigrant experience is different for the two generations of immigrants, Lahiri does this by first introducing us to Ashima’s experience and her feeling of alienation which is representative of most of … Read more

Isolation and Identity in The Namesake

The Namesake explores the themes of isolation, identity, clash of cultures and the immigrant experience. Through the Ganguli family Lahiri looks at how the immigrant experience is different for the two generations of immigrants, Lahiri does this by first introducing us to Ashima’s experience and her feeling of alienation which is representative of most of … Read more

What Is Entertainment in our modern world?

An Entertainment beat web-based interface centers around content identified with the media outlets like film, music, big names, TV shows and considerably more that interests the gathering of people base. While working for the diversion online interface Desimartini under Hindustan Times, I understood that a noteworthy piece of the populace is driven by excitement and … Read more

Hindu Caste System: Main Peculiarities And Characteristics

INTRODUCTION Are you really what you eat? Why are people born with certain unique tendencies? Are matter and spirit separate, or the same? Although seemingly unrelated, these questions are unified by the subject under consideration in this paper: the Hindu caste system. The caste system itself is unified by the concern of ritual purity. According … Read more

Significant Themes In My Papa’s Waltz Poem

An admittedly autobiographical poet, Michigan-born Theodore Roethke draws much of his influence for his subject matter from everyday life. Many of his poems deal with his own self-introspection and quest to find himself through verse. Roethke is a visceral poet whose evocative verse reflects real-life struggles and questions of faith and self-identity and the relationship … Read more

The Representation Of Female Characters In Disney’S And Miyazaki’S Animated Films

Since the 20th century, America has been subject to waves of feminism, from the suffrage movement to the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s. This increasing demand for equality in America stemmed an increasing demand for positive female role models in film, specifically films aimed at children. Disney responded to this call creating more three-dimensional … Read more

Man-Woman Relationship in mistress

Through all the incidents, Nair searches for deeper meanings in art and life. Nair’s Mistress is set in the backgrounds of the river Nila- Kerala’s own Ganges. Many writers and kathakali artists have lived and died there while some still live on. Of her formation of female liberation and the gendered roles in the family, … Read more

The Unconventional Representation of Masculinity in the "Drummer Boy of Shiloh"

The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, written in 1960 by Ray Bradbury depicts the true story of a young drummer boy who fought in the Battle of Shiloh. This short narrative displays the hardships of war through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old boy. The violence and grief often portrayed in stories of war is replaced with … Read more

Text Recension: “Sex And Death In The Rational World Of Defense Intellectuals” 

Carol CohnDr. Carol Cohn is a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and the founding director of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights; leader in the scholarly community addressing issues of gender in global politics, armed conflict and security. Her research and writing has focused on gender and security issues. The analyzed … Read more

A Study on the Psychology of Gender Identity

Lately, the medical and psychological side of gender is called into question, especially with the controversy surrounding the rights of transgender individuals. Obviously, it is not a conscious choice as gender identity is developed usually in early childhood, and does not really change. Interestingly, gender actually is socially constructed, at least to some degree – … Read more

Cultural identity of an indonesian immigrans

One can become acculturated to the value, belief, norms, or even culture that they were not born into because culture is learned. I was born and raised in Indonesia until I was 17 years old. I considered myself as a Southeast Asian woman who is a mix of a dominant ethnic group and co-culture ethnic … Read more

Eminem: Life Before The Fame

Forty-five-year-old Marshall Bruce Mathers III, more well-known by his stage name “Eminem”, is an extremely successful actor, rapper, record producer, and songwriter. Through the years “Eminem has grown as an artist”, broken many records, and received countless awards. Some of his greatest accomplishments include: Becoming the first rapper ever to receive an Oscar for ‘Best … Read more

The Application of Psychology in the Future Life

As a professional psychologist who would evaluate, observe and analyze the mental and behavioral processes of others in an attempt to diagnose the problem, I would have to be equally conversant with most of the renowned work of previous scholar in the field in terms of the concept, theories, observation and diagnosis made (Corey, 2008). … Read more

Ethnicity and leisure

Ethnicity is understood as a unique cultural heritage or set of cultural characteristics that are passed down through generations. It is typically known through patterns of language, family life, religion, and even leisure customs. While culture is referring to attitudes, practices customs, and behaviors that characterize a group of people. With the world becoming more … Read more

The Bem Sex-Role Inventory

“ Throughout the UK the number of women in the teaching profession outnumber the amount of men considerably. It is important to tackle this gender imbalance as it can be discouraging for young men in education and it can also negatively impact students as male teachers present certain characteristics and assets which are needed in … Read more

Distinguishing between sexual explicitness and internalized sexism

“It is a delicate balance,” Imani Perry states, “but it is important to distinguish between sexual explicitness and internalized sexism. The idea of postfeminist pop culture helpfully indicates be mindful in evaluating improvements in late decades as a democratization of sexual distinguishes and practices, generally less than gender equality. Some believe that the “Postfeminism” movement … Read more

What Is Bigfoot?

Does a large, bipedal creature inhabit the deep wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, as so many believe? What about the proliferation of sightings in recent years in still other parts of the country, such as Florida, Texas, and even New York? Even President Teddy Roosevelt got into the act, writing an absorbing account of a … Read more

How To Attract Women

The attraction between two people has always been seen as an almost mythical and indecipherable fact. We believe that women are complex beings, when in reality it’s not very difficult to understand them, much less to attract them.In order to do so, it’s necessary to follow the most important advice: be yourself. Now, it’s true … Read more

Social Hierarchy

Social classes are an inevitable part of society. Without social classes society would be insane without laws or political leaders, people would not live in a civilized manner without them. When there aren’t social classes people fight for a certain place in society, such as president or another high rank on today’s social pyramid. Social … Read more

Black Boy: Richard Wright’s Autobiographical Novel

Richard Wright’s autobiographical novel, Black Boy, describes his life during the 1900’s, especially of the segregation and discrimination the Negroes had to go through. As Richard grows up, he notices bits and pieces of the unjust treatment blacks are given, eventually having to conform to this culture. Richard never really understands how and why his … Read more

The Portrayal of women in Things Fall Apart

Discussing the role of women in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart requires a thorough and unbiased reading of the novel. This might be challenging for someone from a western country as at first sight, the women in Things Fall Apart may seem to be an oppressed group with very little saying in the Igbo society, … Read more

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Biography

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is the fresh-faced American actor, voice actor, and director popularly known for being one the most successful child actors of the late 90s and early 2000s. Some of his most popular features include; the 1994 Disney animated movie, The Lion King (as Simba’s voice), and his role as Randy Taylor on Home … Read more

My Personal Experiment On Howard Becker’s Labeling Theory And Looking Self Glass Theory By Cooley

Uncovering the Dirty Truth In the 1960’s, Howard Becker reintroduced Emile Durkheim’s main concepts of labeling when he created The Labeling Theory. Becker’s Labeling theory stems from the theoretical perspective, symbolic interactionism, and states that when one is labeled by a person of higher prestige or status, the labeled person is likely to accept the … Read more

Defining Sexual Orientation

What is sexual orientation? As simple as the question might seem, the answer to it isn’t as straightforward and requires a complex understanding of sex, gender and sexuality. As Dembroff states at the start of her paper, the discourse on the topic “turns up vastly differing, conflicting, and sometimes ethically troubling characterizations of sexual orientation”. … Read more

Yuri Kochiyama’s Biography

Minority groups have suffered and endured much discrimination, oppression, racism, and social injustices in America. Asian and Asian American women are inclusive of this group. In addition to the above, they have experienced sexism, mistreatment, and objectification due to the added fact of being of female gender. Asian women were categorized and grouped as “women … Read more