The international mobile subscriber identity(IMSI)

The international mobile subscriber identity(IMSI) is a unique number, usually is using the fifteen digits and associated with Global System for Mobile Communication(GSM) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Internet phone users. TIMSI is a unique number that identifies GSM subscribers. The number are separate 2 parts. The initial part consists of six digits in … Read more

Same-Sex Relationships As Depicted in Free Love by A. Smith and Hemingway’s Mr. and Mrs. Elliot

In Ali Smith’s “Free Love” while traveling abroad in Amsterdam, a teenage girl is able to explore something she has never been capable of before, her sexual orientation. Whereas, in Ernest Hemingway’s “Mr. and Mrs. Elliot”, to society Cornelia and Hubert seem to be happily married, however behind closed doors Cornelia is able to express … Read more

Family Ties: Exploring The Reincarnation Of Kinship In America

Research in kinship has supported the overall improvement in ethnographic techniques since the time when anthropologists first started collecting their own data through first-hand observation. According to the Oxford dictionary, kinship is one of the main organizing principles in most societies. It allows people entrance into respective families, and these relationships aid in the structure … Read more

Essay Double Identity

I recently read the essay Double Identity, by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. The essay discussed the way that the authors life was as she grew up. She discusses how she had to live two separate lives, do to the strict family rules and also the influence society had on a young mind. Houston wrote the essay … Read more

Violence Against Animals In SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Shut Down Aquariums Immediately For a long time the public has been outraged over SeaWorld entertainment parks and those affiliated with them. Recently, SeaWorld announced that they will no longer breed Killer Whales, but there’s a twist. SeaWorld made the public believe they agreed to stop breeding to treat animals fairly, but they only agreed … Read more

P and Q

There is a lot to learn when it comes to modeling leadership styles after strong female role models in our history such as the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, and the late Princess Diana of Whales. To this day, Queen Elizabeth II plays an important role in the monarchy by providing steadfast leadership for her … Read more

The ID and the Superego

Each section of the three parts of the mind develops at a particular age, first to develop is the ID. When a baby is born, it’s mind is bombarded with instinctual drives which are collectively called the ID. The ID only wants its desires fulfilled, and works on the pleasure principle where only pleasure is … Read more

Society’s Take on Sex depicted in ‘The Cider House Rules’ and ‘The World According Garp’

In coincidence with the clear feminist undertones of his novels, John Irving proposes opposing dichotomies: hypersexualized characters and societies, and the simultaneous criticism of sex. Irving builds societies where sex is inherent. In The Cider House Rules, Dr. Larch’s first patients were prostitutes and Homer’s first encounters with sex included horse pornography. Irving’s The World … Read more


Every so often something comes along and changes how you see the world. Ok… So we aren’t changing the world here, but we do want to challenge the way you think about artisan crafted, and handcrafted patches. As many of you know, Jesse has been one of our artists since day one. A little bit … Read more

Black Boy: Richard Wright’s Autobiographical Novel

Richard Wright’s autobiographical novel, Black Boy, describes his life during the 1900’s, especially of the segregation and discrimination the Negroes had to go through. As Richard grows up, he notices bits and pieces of the unjust treatment blacks are given, eventually having to conform to this culture. Richard never really understands how and why his … Read more

Forensic Anthropologist

A forensic anthropologist needs to know the human body like the palm of their hand, which they know very well since they have to have finished medical school. The primary task of a forensic anthropologist is to gather evidence to assist in the identification of human remains found at a crime scene and determine the … Read more

What Makes A Good Portfolio Or Showreel?

What makes a good portfolio or showreel? Your portfolio or showreel piece is your most accomplished and valuable work you choose to present in any given job or occupation that you choose to pursue. There’s nothing more significant to your career than presenting your finest work in an appealing, professional and easily approachable portfolio. There … Read more

The Representation of Gender and Gendered Roles in Lewis’ ‘The Monk’

The Monk, published in 1796 by Matthew Lewis, holds the distinction of one of the most popular and most controversial Gothic novels of all times. Set in the backdrop of the Protestant Reformation in Spain, the novel addresses and challenges many sensitive, tabooed societal norms, and elements of seduction, blasphemy, incest and lust are central … Read more

An Analysis of Native American Identity as a Result of Colonialism in Sherman Alexie’s Novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Native American Identity as a Result of Colonialism One of the most profound results of colonialism is the creation of distinctly separate spaces physically and figuratively, that leads to the development of distinct identities rooted on each side. In Sherman Alexie’s novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, the challenges of transcending racial, … Read more

Relationship between Law and Society

Law and society are related to each other. Nothing can explain without any of them. Society becomes the jungle without the law. Law also needs to be changed according to the changes the society faces, because without the necessary changes law cannot keep pace with society. Without the control of the law, the society became … Read more

Post Colonialism in Invisible Man

Postcolonialism deals with the lasting impact of colonization, or simply the aftermath of colonialism. Colonialism is the altering of everything of the colonized, for example, their values, standards, culture, and system, in the form of the colonizers. The ideology of the “civilizing mission’ and sense of superiority of the colonizers in which they had for … Read more

Criticizing the black girl in Ousmane Sembene’s movie

The Black Girl (1966) is a film directed by Ousmane Sembene which tells the story of a young Senegalese woman, Diouana, working as a nanny for a white French family in Dakar (Langford 13). She shows satisfaction while playing with the white kids in the garden and walking around the streets with them. The French … Read more

Leadership Experiences Of Women Executives In Public Sector Organizations In Ghana (Literature Review)

This chapter reviews related literature on the leadershipexperiences of women executives in public organisations. It begins with some definitions of leadership experiences of women executives. Some related theories will also be reviewed. This will be followed by empirical literature from other researchers in relation to the topic under study and a conceptual framework. The Sex-Based-Bias … Read more


In the quest for something exotic, Thailand holds its own as a top destination for adventure seekers. Offering tourists, the opportunity of experiencing colourful diverse cultures, myriad of savouring cuisines and breathtaking landmarks, Thailand is a must visit tourist destination for fun lovers. Not only is the Thai nation very accommodating to foreigners, the beautiful … Read more

Benefits Of Using Rica Aloe Vera Wax

Waxing is a painful ladder to a woman’s beauty. Removing unwanted body hair every month is not only painful but a burdensome task every month. Out of many methods such as shaving, using removal creams, epilators or threading, waxing is the most preferred hair removal choice. Everyone’s skin is different. Some are dry, some are … Read more

Isolation and Identity in The Namesake

The Namesake explores the themes of isolation, identity, clash of cultures and the immigrant experience. Through the Ganguli family Lahiri looks at how the immigrant experience is different for the two generations of immigrants, Lahiri does this by first introducing us to Ashima’s experience and her feeling of alienation which is representative of most of … Read more

The Importance of Preserving Ones Cultural Identity

In our country today, we are a nation of diverse cultures. Our society has now become African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and Native American. “When the Western world forced its way upon us, the result was a struggle between out traditional education and attempts by the outside world to assimilate us in their society … Read more

What is An X.509 v3 Certificate

An X.509 certificate contains information about the identity to which a certificate is issuedand the identity that issued it. Two popular certificate types are those created using PrettyGood Privacy (PGP) and those created using applications that conform to International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU-T) X.509 version 3. The X.509 v3 certificate, whosestructure is below, that essentially defines … Read more

Masculinity in Alias Grace

Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace presents masculinity through several characters throughout the book. In the majority of these cases, the men are portrayed as untrustworthy or dependent on a woman. A few characters that allow the reader to understand Atwood’s relationship and opinion of men include Dr. Simon Jordan, Jeremiah the Peddler, James McDermott, Thomas Kinnear, … Read more

Shaw Empowers Women in ‘New Woman’

George Bernard Shaw exemplifies values of the “new woman” and “superhero” through the character of Vivie Warren, in the play Mrs. Warren’s Profession, in order to promote individualism and critical thinking amongst females. Even the male characters like Sir George Crofts and Frank Gardener are depicted as weaker conformists in comparison to the characters of … Read more

The Period Party

The first menstrual period can be very stressful for some girls. As it happened to Katie in the TV commercial, “First Moon Party,” by HelloFlo, which advertises a menstruation starter kit. The story is about Katie, a girl who wants her period so badly that fakes it. In her desperation to become a lady, she … Read more

What is Race?

The ideology of race and it’s counterpart (racism) have been phenotypically interpreted throughout history. Race, defined by Dalton Conley in his sociologically-based book You May Ask Yourself, as “a group of people who share a set of characteristics and are said to share a common bloodline.” (Conley 322). Ethnicity, defined by Conley is one’s ethnic … Read more