In Vitro Fertilization Essay

“There are roughly four hundred thousand children in the US foster care system. Of those children, approximately one hundred thousand are waiting to be adopted” (Developmental Issues for Young Children in Foster Care, 2000). Many people feel as if life is meaningless without the gift of becoming a parent. Before they consider adopting a child, … Read more

Isabella Anne Constance Marie Wiens

This is a case of Isabella Anne Constance Marie Wiens who was born on June 11, 2011. Isabella was taken from her mother, Sara Jane Wiens in August 2011 after she was deemed unfit to care for her (Kane, 2015). In March 2013, the 21-month-old toddler was found dead in the crib at her foster … Read more

Foster Parent Homes Essay

Every child deserves happiness and stability. Sometimes children are born into situations or families that are unable to provide these two things for them. When a family or parent is unable to provide for a child, the child ends up either with other relatives, homeless, or into the foster care system which is temporary placement … Read more

Personal Narrative-Foster Home Essay

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. “Would you turn that shit off. ” I heard James Kennedy, my foster father, yell. I quickly stopped my alarm and got up to walk downstairs. While walking down the stairs i slipped and fell straight on my ass bone. “Why can’t you even … Read more

Psychosocial Assessment Case Studies Essay

Psychosocial assessment is a social work tool that helps a social worker summarize a client’s problems that need to be worked on and to understand a client’s mental health, social well-being, support systems, strengths, and barriers they face. The following paper is a psychosocial assessment written by a Wayne State University student based on a … Read more