Damaged Society In No. 6 by Atsuko Asano

Human Failings in Perfect Societies Humans strive to push their way to the top of society to create what they see as a utopia. This drive exists in all of us. Good things result from this trait. Horrible events occur too. Once on top and in power, others who oppose the one on top get … Read more

The Failure and Success of the Russian Revolution

The Virtue of Inevitable Defeats Before the Russian Revolution, there was not a single successful proletarian revolution. Many prior attempts — such as the German Revolution of 1848, the Paris Commune of 1871, and the Finnish Revolution of 1917 — all ended in failure. However, the majority of bourgeois revolutions succeed and this is a … Read more

Failure In Ethan Frome

The main theme of the book Ethan Frome is failure. It is shown in three ways throughout the story: Ethan’s marriage, him not being able to stand up to Zeena, and his involvement in the smash up. Ethan marries Zeena so he won’t be alone after his mother dies. She seemed like a very cheerful, … Read more

Ethan Frome: Ethan’s Failures

Ethan Frome, the main character in the book entitled Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton, has many complex problems going on at the same time. His family has died and he has a wife that is continually sick, and the only form of happiness he has is from his wife’s cousin Mattie. This, however, at times … Read more

Failure of Economic Reform in Russia

Formerly the preeminent republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Russia has been an independent nation since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Because of its great size, its natural resources, and its political domination, the Russian Federation played a leading role in the economy of the Soviet Union. In the years … Read more