Black Women Empowerment in the Book Black Statue of Liberty by Jessica Care Moore

Liberation and Empowerment of Black Women Black women in America have struggled tirelessly through history to receive the recognition they deserve. One of these women is Jessica Care Moore, author of Black Statue of Liberty. Moore is a world renowned poet, publisher, activist, musician, playwright, and actress. Born and raised in Detroit, Moore exposed herself … Read more

All About Antique Wood Rocking Chairs

There is something about antique wood rocking chairs that gives us a rather homey feeling. Whenever antique rocking chairs are mentioned, the image of our great great great grandmothers quietly lounging at the front porch overlooking a vast farm come to mind. While antique rocking chairs are rather expensive, the thought that they once gave … Read more

The different types of design

There may be several types of design such as Adaptive design This is based on existing design, for example, standard products or systems adopted for a new application. Conveyor belts, control system of machines and mechanisms or haulage systems are some of the examples where existing design systems are adapted for a particular use. Developmental … Read more

Greek Theatre Architecture

The early Theaters have been designed by greeks by which the folks would possibly see the performances of humor, disaster, and satyr performs. The concept was showcased by them throughout the Aegean that theaters grew to turn into a top quality of the panorama of each cities. Even the Romans enlarged across the concept and … Read more

Theory Of Architecture

The author says that ‘the purpose of architecture is to design buildings’ is an unsatisfactory definition. Why does he say so? In that case, what is he suggesting as the real purpose of architecture? Explain. ‘The purpose of architecture is to design buildings’ is not only an unsatisfactory definition but is also an understatement. . … Read more

Characteristics of Modernism

Introduction The following research paper will critically engage with the architectural movement known as Modernism. This will be done by engaging in its formal, spatial, tectonic, philosophical and the broad contextual characteristics, to establish a theoretical framework. This frame work will then be applied in evaluating four architectural projects, to establish how successful the buildings … Read more

Humanism in Architecture

Renaissance Humanism has its roots in classical antiquity and has profoundly influenced western society and architecture. Present an evidenced argument either for or against a revival of humanist ideals in the 21st century. PNumber: P17191909 Session 2017/18 STATEMENT OF ORIGINALITY I confirm by submitting this work for assessment that I am its sole author, and … Read more

Biography and Life Path Of Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele Every generation has their punks. Be they musicians, writers, or artists, those individuals ahead of their times – while infamous during their lives – create legacies that last years after their deaths. Austrian painter Egon Schiele is certainly one of these controversial and memorable personalities. Best identified as a 20th century Expressionist painter, … Read more

Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card

How To Design Professional Business Cards the perfect business card. I’m going to give you five tips on how to create the ideal card for any situation. these five tips aren’t going to apply for every single one of you, and that’s the key. Number one, you need to understand your purpose for the business … Read more

The works of Andrea Palladio

The Italian civilization hosted different arts for ages , it was the home for discoveries and sciences and most importantly for buildings. Through the previous centuries architecture was developed and many styles were created. Taking into consideration the renaissance period and the baroque one. Renaissance is an intellectual movement and an artistic development that occurred … Read more

An Overview Of Zaha Hadid

As defined by Merriam Webster, architecture the art or science of designing and creating buildings. While the word itself is narrowly defined, the art itself is broad, and the science complex. Therefore, being considered a master or impactful, is a feat that few reach. For centuries, architects were educated on what was known, continually repeating … Read more

Quality Website Design Company Threats And Weaknesses

Quality web design company performs various business tactics and other business transactions via a developed website. The company mainly performs. The company is well associated with business opportunities like marketing advertising and financial services with professional employees working under them. They try to provide quality services to their client in such a way that there … Read more

Different Kinds of Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades are window coverings common for similar purposes such as giving privacy to the people inside a particular establishment or protecting the interior part from direct sunlight. Slat blinds made of vinyl or metal is consisting of many flat horizontal slats connected to a string which have a 170 degrees rotation adjustments for … Read more

Analysis Of Christopher Alexander’s Book “The Timeless Way Of Building”

“Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness”. (Frank Ghery) One of the most interesting treatise of Christopher Alexander is “The Timeless way of Building” that was first published in 1979. The author of the book Christopher Alexander himself is an architect. Besides an architect, he is a lover of mathematics … Read more

Multi-sensory architecture

From the beginning, architectures have been a means of housing function or human activity. As such, design was mainly guided by principles such as form follows function. Lately architecture has been driven by the need to visual first with architect Frank Gehry (2014) stating that form follows whatever he wants. Architects have started to disregard … Read more

The role of package designing in enhancing sales of Cadbury

Abstract The project focuses around the Cadburys’ use of different designs in its packaging of Cadbury products which has helped Cadbury build a strong consumer base in the market and increased its sales. The project contains images of Cadbury products packed creatively and attractively. It also shows the product packaging on different occasions like Diwali, … Read more

A History Of Art Nouveau Designs

Art Nouveau was a dramatic style that flourished through Europe in the 1890s. It was unlike anything seen before as history was replaced by nature. Art Nouveau designs derived from organic forms, and used the theoretical background of plants and sinuous natural objects to create buildings. Honesty in the use of materials was an important … Read more

Mount Rushmore’s History

During the twentieth century, the United States witnessed the carving of one of the greatest architectural phenomenon of the time, namely Mount Rushmore. It is here that workers painstakingly chiseled the faces of three presidents into the granite mountainside in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Although brilliant and awe inspiring, this type of rock … Read more

5 Easy DIY Nail Art Designs

“ Nail art is an artistic and fun way to decorate nails. It’s an ultimate way to accessorize and beautify you. There are assorted techniques to jazz up your nails with exclusive nail art decor. Even a simple nail art, adds a touch of glamour and class to your casual looks. It has achieved hell … Read more

Statement of Purpose (Architecture)

Architecture is a multi-dimensional field impacting functions of everyday life. We live in an era of constant growth and change aided by design. The application of architecture and design is a crucial component in building our society and the other fields of study. From our perception of right and wrong design, to new techniques and … Read more

Analysis Of The Book "James Henry Hammond And The Old South: A Design For Mastery"

Drew Gilpin Faust provided the final interpretation of the life of James Henry Hammond. As a little boy, Hammond’s father is very optimistic about him, Hammond is very optimistic about himself. Hammond is one of the richest growers in southern South Carolina. Hammond had great expectation of himself and his surroundings based on his ability. … Read more

Proportion in architecture

Proportions are understood as a cooperation of different parts in a whole. It is a commonly known term called proportion. But trying to understand the proportion in architecture turns out to be more complex due to massive amount of hidden information and theories, but those things let us understand the true meaning of proportion and … Read more

Ancient Egyptian Construction and Architecture

The ancient Egyptian construction and architecture (dates back to five thousand years Before Christ), is considered as one of the most important civilizations that was influential throughout the history. The Arabic Republic of Egypt is a country that includes many interesting ancient architectural temples, pyramids, tombs, buildings and monuments that are aligned along the Egyptian … Read more

Tenshukaku (architecture)

Architecture differs all over the world. Each country differed in styles used to express themselves. Japan is known for their great feudal castles. One such castle, Tenshukaku thrives today. In this paper the structure and who built the castle, technology used in building the castle and the physical structure will be described. Japan’s many castles … Read more

Greek and Roman Architecture

The Greeks thought of their Gods as having the same needs as human beings, they believed that the Gods needed somewhere to live on Earth. Temples were built as the gods’ earthly homes. The basic design of temples developed from the royal halls of the Maycenaean Age. A Mycenaean palace consisted of a number of … Read more

Gargoyle – a grotesquely carved human or animal figure

A Gargoyle is a grotesquely carved human or animal figure found on an architectural structure, originally designed (believe it or not) to serve as a spout to throw rainwater clear of a building. They later became strictly ornamental and assumed many forms. The Natural and Unnatural History of Gargoyles Welcome. Your are about to meet … Read more

The Definition Of A Truss

The definition of a truss is any of various structural frames based on the geometric rigidity of the triangle and composed of straight members subject only to longitudinal compression, tension, or both: functions as a beam or cantilever to support bridges, roofs, etc. Trusses are the most commonly used structural device used in architecture today. … Read more