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Water Pollution Report

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Millions of Americans vacation at a beach, a river, or a lake and when they go swimming they dont know whats in the water. Water pollution is a major problem in the world. It has been suggested that it is one of the leading cause to deaths and diseases in the world. Water pollution needs to be stopped, for it affects humans health for the worse. Water is an important part of our lives. We should care for it, for it is like hurting ourselves if we dont. There is more the one cause to water pollution. They are spilt into what some call point and non-point sources.

Point sources are what some factories, treatment plants, landfills and underground storage tanks, discrete pollutants into locations near them land or water. This can cause things such as, Acid rain. Non-point sources are diffuse and therefore harder to control. A non-point source is such as rain carrying waste, oil, grease, solid pollutants from streets into bays and rivers. Also know as Runoff. This non-point source pollutant comes from a point source. So both sources work together in way to hurt our health.

Its sad to know that humans are also the # 1 cause of water pollution as it is humans who started factories, who have oil spills. Farmers are being told to use less fertilizers and pesticides and farmers are revolting, because using less of fertilizers, the crops wont stay good for long. It would be harder work for them then it is now. If their crops werent as good as before then they couldnt sell it to the government. The farmers would be bankrupted. Over a thousand projects have been started with about $26. 6 billion in federal fund. The only problem is that not many projects that have been worth $2.

Billion have been completed. It seems that money had been given to the organizations who want to help from the government, our taxes, to help stop water pollution still hasnt helped start anything, when that money could go to better use. Irrigation and rainwater leaches to fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides from farms and lawns and carries them into rivers and lakes. Once these pollutants have entered these waters it makes their ways into our drinking water, which affects our health. Dangerous pollutants enter our waters everyday and humans fail to try and help change that.

These pollutants cause diseases. Some diseases such as Dysentery which is an inflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract, usually caused by a bacterial, parasitic, or protozoan infection and resulting in pain, fever, and severe diarrhea, often accompanied by the passage of blood and mucus. There are other diseases that water pollution causes like Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and Yellow fever. These diseases are very hurtful or deadly to our health. These also dont have to be cause by drinking water some diseases come from mosquitoes and tsetse flies that breed in or live near unclean water.

These diseases are some reasons why we should stop pollution. Another disease known as blue baby syndrome is excess nitrate in an infants drinking water. This disease stops the digestive system from processing and the nitrate diminishes the bloods ability to carry the right amount of oxygen. This water pollution could also kill us one day. Our own faults in polluting the world, the ocean, our own water will fire back at us. Water pollution damages all of our water. There isnt much more that we can and should do to protect ourselves and our earth then to help stop water pollution.

If we dont One day we might not have any more water to help us live. All humans take advantage of the most important thing in their lives water. They arent aware of the fact of how polluted our waters are. Nor are they aware that its them doing it. All surface water in the U. s is polluted by a car someone drives, or that piece of garbage that they throw out of that very same car. The pollutants that humans release into the environment do not only degrade the beauty and health of the natural world they also come back to haunt them.

What everyone in the world should know is that the water quality is vitally important to the health and safety of all the world inhabitants. The water quality and its water creatures continue to decline not because we lack protective law but because it isnt enforced and notified. There have been some ways which there have been ways that people have tried to help. One environmental effort that has been made is some activities where volunteers use partnerships in a team approach, and meet the specific need of each area of a lakes or rivers, that have been polluted.

What some other organizations do is try to educate people about how the water works, how important it is, and precisely how it gets messed up. Some other ways that we can prevent or redeem water conditions is if industrial wastes are mandated to be neutralized or broken down before being discharged to streams, lakes, and harbors. There is also a new form of pollution control that is hoped to reduce a watersheds pollution levels by targeting farm runoff.

There are some promotions on TV, such as Disney channels help over the summer, where they had kids trying to win to help clean up their community with one of their favorite characters from their favorite shows. Trying to influence the next generation is what everyone should try to do to keep this world a better place. Where the government fails caring citizens are stepping in around the community. Many people try to restore lakes from pollution. Without monitoring what goes into the water we wouldnt know what needs to be fixed, or what we should do to help stop pollution.

In conclusion, with all the water pollution it affects our health in so many ways. How no matter how the pollution is released it is absorbed by bodies or water. All this water is drunk by humans who then sometimes gets a disease break outs all over the world. Even though most illnesses contracted after contact with polluted ocean water are threatened some people have died. Given more the reason has to how water pollution affects our health, this is all why we should help stop water pollution. To help ourselves live a better life, To help the generations after us to live a happier healthier life.

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