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The Character of Cyrano De Bergerac

A man who knows every thing, has never ending wit and charm, and has a way with words like none other, but is still to horrid to convey his true feelings to a beautiful woman. This poor but yet amazing man is Cyrano from the play “Cyrano De Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand. This man has more intellect than sand in a desert and is the most courageous Gascon of all.

Yet he has one tragic physical flaw. He has an enormous nose, of which he is very self conscious about and only he can talk about it. If any one else has anything to say about it the better say something very witty or there done for. All of this is portrayed in one of Cyrano’s speeches on page 40-41. The speech reveals how clever and smart he is when he says things like “what a sign for a perfume shop” (41) and “Is that a conch, and are you Triton rising from the sea?”(41).

Cyrano reveals a lot about himself in his speech like how intelligent he is to use such big intellectual words off the top of his head. Cyrano uses phrases like “The end of it must get wet when you drink from a cup. Why don’t you use a tankard?”(40) And words like Grandiloquent to show off his wit. Most people in that age weren’t educated as well as Cyrano was and that showed a lot when he spoke. Not many people in the room knew that grandiloquent meant pretentious or non straight forward. Aristophanes was also another word that no one ever used or knew what it meant.

Cyrano also revealed that he had no patience for people that made fun of, or picked on those that were less fortunate. Cyrano thought as himself as less fortunate to have a nose like his. So when people made fun of it he got very angry but yet he never lost his cool. So Cyrano would just take care of business with the bully in a entertaining manner and then be on his way.

In his speech he showed his willingness to fight and his aptitude to make people mad at him. Cyrano created many enemies with his words he was always insulting people and attacking two fold on any one who dare attack him. He was all ways looking for some one to roust.

Cyrano also showed that he was self conscious about his appearance. To be able to think up that many insults about his nose like “What do you use that long container for? Do you keep your pens and scissors in it?”(40) Shows that he thinks about it a lot. When some one thinks about one of their physical attributes a lot it meant they were either self-conscious about it or there conceded.

At last there was his tone in which the words he spoke, he didn’t say them in a nice way or a corrective way. He said them in a show off “I’m smarter than you way”. That’s not the first time he had shown off either. Cyrano had a habit of showing off.

Well now that I have revealed most of Cyrano’s traits that were hidden within his intellectual marvel of a speech you can see just who Cyrano’s character was. You can see that he was an ugly but extremely smart man. He was witty yet showed off a lot too. Cyrano’s speech really explains almost everything about him. But even though Cyrano was a conceded yet horrid man he is one of the smartest and most intellectually sound man of his time.

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