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Does racial profiling exist here in the United States

The answer to that question is yes. First of all what is racial profiling? Racial profiling is an illegal method the police you to top a person or person on the bases of their race. Racial profiling happen to blacks and Hispanics more then it does to the Caucasians. A white person may not know what racial profiling is and what it feels like. The meaning of racial profiling does not even come close to explaining or telling what it is like to be a victim of the misconduct by police. I have been a victim of racial profiling.

My case is a little different because I was being stopped as I walked home from school. Police say that if they dont arrest or ticket you then it can not be racial profiling but they are far from the truth. This is wrong because I did a test with a white friend of mine. We used my mothers Jeep and we drove through a hot spot in Riverdale Park, Maryland. First we drove around until we found a cop doing radar check on passing cars. Now we decided to see if they would pull over my white friend so he drove by the cop ten times in 10 minutes and he was driving very slow as if he was lost.

The cop never paid him any mind. Keep in mind that we are videotaping this as it happens. So, far this is proving my point about racial profiling does happen, but what happen next was amazing. Then it was my turn to drive pass this cop and see what was going to happen as I drove pass the cop and nothing happen. I was surprised that he didnt stop me, but I spoke to soon cause as I rounded the corner there were the blue lights that I have are come accustomed to see in Riverdale Park. Since this has happen to me before I knew the routine.

Turn of the engine and get on the ground spread eagle) I asked the cop what he had pulled me over for and he said I looked suspicious. This is a common term used when a cop is committing the form of misconduct. In this case I was let go without being beaten or harassed by cops. For most blacks just being let go is consider to be a blessing from god. Now some may say that because we had been driving around him he got suspicious but this doesnt explain why my white friend did not get stop when here passed this cop a least 5 time and the I drove by and I got pulled over and search for drugs and weapons the first time I drove by.

Now if this isnt racial profiling the it does not exist, but this is a prime example of police misconduct Racial profiling get worse when you are out numbered by cops. Most cops when they do a traffic stop on a white person its a single cop, but when a black or Hispanic is pulled over their maybe one car at first but I guarantee that a second car will show up real quick. When this happen it is usually a setup. There is another method when cops follow you and run your tags this is when they follow your and run a check of your background before the blue light and then harass you.

See the law is that before they can run your tags the must have a valid reason to do this. This I a violation of your rights because it is consider to be unreasonable search and seizure of your information. Its like cops can not come into your house looking for evidence without a search warrant, but most who are victims of racial profiling dont report it because of the fear of retaliation from the police. The other side supports cops doing this because they feel it protects the cops lives. I disagree because that is the reason cops are trained to use guns.

But what are victims to do when they are ass out with a trigger-happy cop who has a gun and can lie about what he did and why they fired their gun and killed you. Im not saying that cops jobs are safe but they tend to abuse their powers that they are given. I feel that cops should be accountable and financially responsible for cases when they are determine to be a wrongful death. This has begun to happen here in Prince Georges with the conviction of three cops. This is a start but doesnt help and will not end until racism as been eliminated from our country.

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