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Pro Gay Marriage

In it’s role as a moral of teacher, the law now misleads America about the true nature of marriage. Ever since the court case, Obergefell v. Hodges, in the summer of 2015 gay marriage has been documented as legal in all 50 states according to the Constitution. Nowadays, it seems as if those who hold pubic office are straying away from the founding fathers original intent, which was to build a nation based off of Judeo Christian values. Same sex marriage is one of the many issues that contributes to the downward spiral of the moral fiber of The United States.

Same sex marriage should be repealed in The United States in order to restore the original intent of marriage. Homosexuals have been fighting for gay rights since the late 1960’s. The voice of the gay community began to be heard in New York City during the summer of 1969. After enduring police raids on gay bars, the customers fought back leading to days of unrest known as the Stonewall Riots. (citation) The first case heard by a state Supreme Court related to same-sex marriage was in the state of Minnesota in 1970.

The court ruled “the institution of marriage as a union of man and woman uniquely involving the procreating and rearing of children within the family is as old as the book of Genesis. ” (DIRECT QUOTE) The fight for gay marriage made little headway in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. However, legal recognition of same-sex marriage did not stop many couples from going through the motions of wedding ceremonies as a public show of defiance toward the law. The decision about legalizing gay marriage was left for states to decide.

The first state to take a stand in favor of gay marriage was Hawaii in 1993, leading to domestic partnership rights. One of the biggest turning points at this time was the Defense of Marriage Act signed by President Clinton in 1996 which defined marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife and defines a spouse as a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife. (Citation). This was a blow to the gay community who had begun to make progress at the state level, only to be disregarded at the national level.

Meanwhile, gay marriage was becoming more accepted in counties around the world, such as Belgium and parts of Canada. Over the next 10 years, states continued to pass legislation to define their stance on gay marriage, either expanding the definition to include same sex couples or explicitly limiting it to heterosexual couples. By 2013, 17 states had included gay marriage rights in legislation and that number would double in a year’s time. The U. S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states in 2015 when the case of Obergefell v.

Hodges came before the court. The Christian church has been slow to respond to the changing culture of how marriage is defined. However, some churches have changed their viewpoint and practices regarding marriage to become more inclusive. In fact, in 2015 the national Episcopal church gave authorization for clergy members to preside over same-sex marriages. Other Christian churches that have embraced same sex marriage include the United Church of Church, Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the Unitarian Universalist Association of Churches.

The Roman Catholic Church launched a petition against gay marriage in 2003, warning Catholic politicians that support of gay marriage was immoral. “Marriage exists solely between a man and woman…Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law. ” (DIRECT QUOTE) Denominations that hold a firm stance against gay marriage include American Baptist Churches, Assemblies of God, and United Methodist Church. It is interesting to see the common definitions of marriage at these different levels of society (courts, presidents, religious leaders), clearly recognizing marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The whole topic of same sex marriage in America is not an issue of discrimination, it is more so the issue of raising children in a stable household. In an article done by the Family Research Council, it shows that children have the most success when raised by their biological mother and biological father. (Frc. org) If the United States is looking to enable future generations to come for failure, then by all means, same sex marriage should not be repealed in all 50 states. The Family Research Council also did a study comparing the children raised by their biological mother and father and children raised by lesbian or gay couples.

Frc. org) The study found that the children raised by lesbian mothers or gay fathers are more likely to recieve welfare, have lower educational attainment, not feel comfortable in their family of origin, suffer from depression, and get arrested. Some more intriguing statistics show that children of strictly lesbian parents tend to use marijuana and tobacco products, are 3 times more likely to become unemployed, are 4 times as likely to be on public assistance, and have a big problem with relying on others.

Mothers tend to be the more “nurturing” parent in traditional marriage, so when raised by two mothers, it only makes sense for you to have a hard time only relying on yourself in the real world. It is also important to note that children raised by homosexual environments are 75% more likely to sexually identify as something other than entirely heterosexual. (Frc. org) The United States of America should not be worried about hurting a certain population’s feelings, they should be concerned with the state of the children and the future generations to come.

One of the biggest blessings in the traditional marriage system between one man and one woman is procreation. The California Supreme Court corroborated this belief when it ruled that “the first purpose of matrimony, by the laws of nature and society, is procreation” in 1859. (Ed. Basil Jones) This concept has been widely accepted by the gay community and those who support them, because it is truly not humanly possible. With this being accepted, the sexual union between a man and a woman in order to produce a child, is one of the very things that make marriage, marriage.

Another big argument that is used against same sex marriage is that we need to populate the world with future generations to come. Authors Sean McDowell and John Stonestreet make it as simple as this: “sex makes babies; society needs babies; and babies deserve mothers and fathers. Historically, marriage is the institution by which societies have recognized and managed these three truths, both culturally and legally. ” (Same Sex Marriage) By side stepping these basic functions of marriage in the United States, future generations are left vulnerable. Here is the truth: Men and woman are different.

And that is not a bad thing at all, especially in marriages. No matter how much we fight for equal pay or equal rights we will always have our differences. The common idea of marriage is that the man will try to strengthen the woman and the woman will do the same for the man in order for the two to truly bond into one. For example, lesbian couples divorce at twice the rate of gay couples due to the fact that woman are more emotionally intense. (Same Sex Marriage) In the case of men, they are more likely to have an outside partner that is not their husband.

Same Sex Marriage) These are perfect examples of how the differences in each gender help compliment one another. In the case with children as I stated before, children need a nurturing mother as well as a strong father figure. The fight for gay marriage is fueled by the modern day fight for equal rights for all. If the constitution is so set on equal rights, then why would The United States ever discrimate against one man or one woman’s desire to marry someone of the same sex. The easiest source to look at is the constitution. Established in the 14th Amendment, citizens should not be deprived of their privledges and immunities.

Constitution) The discrimation on gays is no worse than the discrimation blacks faced in the time period where slavery was legal. It is time that as a nation unified, we come together to promote this cause. The 14th Amendment was specifically created for the agenda towards black to change after the civil war. The United States is so set on freedom, yet certain people don’t have that. It is truly a shame to see this law just now be passed. Everyone in The United States of America need to realize a very important thing.

Times are changing. As stated in the court case Obergefell v. Hodges, “the history of marriage is one of both continuity and change”. (Court case) Nothing will ever stay the same, and when there is something wrong with something, it is tweaked. This is idea of freedom is for everyone, nobody gets to pick and choose. America might have been established on Judeo Christian values, but that is all irrelevant now. The ideas of our founding fathers are out of date, and we have shifted to a more “please everyone” style of government. If something does not hurt anyone, there is no harm in it. America needs to accept its wake up call, and adapt to these changing times.

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