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Peachy Case Study Essay

1. How did peachy get his name and what was he scared of? A: Peachy got his name because he does not shave and is afraid of the scissor man.

2. Who was the wizard that helped Mr. Teatime with unlocking the magic box and what was he hopeful for? A: Sideney was the wizard that helped Mr. Teatime and he was hopeful because he didn’t get killed by Teatime after escaping.

3. Why did Death and Albert not get along when they were delivering presents to the kids? A: Death starts to develope a sense of pity, questioning why poor kids did not have the same amount of presents compared to rich kids.

4. How did the little girl with the match during Christmas represent the Match girl? A: The little girl was left out during Christmas and tries to warmth herself with a match. She later wishes to end all her suffering.

5. How does the Guild of Assassin operate when needed? A: As long as the person has the money, disregarding their race, color, and gender, their target will be assassinated.

6. Why did Banjo questioned Mr. Teatime when he mentioned “the Hogfather”? A: Banjo believed in the Hogfather making it hard to believe that Mr. Teatime is trying to get rid of him.

7. How was Death’s sword unique compared to other blades? A: There is no blade and it could only be used when Death is around. It is used to pierce through a person’s soul.

8. How does the Cheerful Fairy do her job? A: Instead of cheering the people up, she confronts them.

9. Why was Chickenwire afraid of the wardrobe? A: In the past, he had one that had a face and was really creepy, he said it whispers.

10. Why did Banjo not harm Susan when Mr. Teatime commanded? A: It reminded him of Ma Lilywhite, saying he could not hit girls.

11. What powers can Susan do compared to Death? A: Susan can go through walls, summon monsters, and have a superior voice when needed.

12. Why did Mr.Teatime kill Ernie? A: Typically, Mr. Teatime kills the person after he’s done using them.

13. How did Susan get rid the boogeyman, the one that was scaring the kids? A: Susan summoned the Poker, which demolished the monster.

14. Why did Mr. Teatime kidnapped Violet? A: He intended to use the teeth’s power on controlling everyone,

15. Why is the food at the restaurant replaced with old boots? A: Death switched it and gave the food the old man who supported the king.

16. Why did Death asked the Hex if he believes? A: He did this to test Hex but tells him that he’s just a machine.

17. Why are corpses appearing at the Unseen University? A: Mr.Teatime placed a spell on the dead body, after done using them.

18. How was Bilious when Susan first encountered him? A: He was frozen and all messed up looking.

19. Who was Catseye and how did disappear later on in the book A: He was a part of the Guild of Assassins, the auditors assassinated him.

20. Why did Death start to feel pity? A: He saw the value of the presents that were given to kids and questioned to Albert about why they aren’t getting the same amount.

21. Why was the photo on the wall unusual to Susan? A: The pictures were unrealistic and seemed to come from a child’s mind set of things.

22. Why does Mr. Crumley dislike the Hogfather? A: He is trying to make money in his shop but gets mad because the Hogfather is giving out free presents.

23. How did Bilious describe his knowledge? A: He talked about how he was a God so he was unkillable and he knows everything because he was there at the start of the world.

24. Why was the Englebert’s enhancer important in order to create the potion of the Oh God? A: It processes the amount of power that is needed to make the ingredient.

25. Why did Susan go to the Castle of Bones? A: She went there to search for the Hogfather because she heard he went missing.

26. What was special about the librarian? A: He was a orangutan, having long arms which was easy to reach the books he wanted.

27. What was wrong about the teeths when Susan examined it? A: It was from a long time ago, according to the amplitude.

28. Why did Teatime not kill Violet? A: He didn’t feel like it wasn’t necessary to kill someone that is not that important to his plan.

29. Why does Medium Dave not like Mr. Teatime? A: He thinks he’s insane and there was a time he hold his blade so close to Medium Dave that it made a cut through his eyelid.

30. Why does Death let Susan kill Mr. Teatime? A: He believes in her now.

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