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Lolita Characters Analysis

Humbert Humbert: Humbert is the main character and narrator of Lolita. Humbert is European, smart, and has an obsession for children whom he refers to as nymphets. He has a long history of mental illness. Somehow Humbert manages to seduce the audience with the way he speaks, he is, however, capable of rape and murder. Despite his vast knowledge, it isn’t until the end of the novel that Humbert realizes that he ruined Lolita’s childhood. The story of Lolita is penned from his prison cell, where he awaits trial. Humbert passes away from heart failure.

Dolores Haze aka Lolita: Dolores is the novel’s primary nymphet. She is a pre-teen girl, seductive, flirtatious and unpredictable. Initially she is attracted to Humbert, attempting to compete with her mother for his affection. However, as she grows and begins to develop an interest in spending time with children her own age, Humbert becomes more and more demanding.

Humbert endeavors to educate the girl, but she remains interested in American pop culture and has no interest in learning his cultured ways. Soon she runs away with Clare Quilty, but he leaves her after she refuses to participate in child pornography. Lolita eventually marries a man named Dick Schiller and passes away in childbirth.

Clare Quilty: Clare is said to the just as evil as Humbert. He is a successful playwright and a child pornographer who develops an interest in Lolita early on. He follows her and eventually kidnaps her from Humbert. Even though Lolita did love him, he eventually abandoned her. Nabokov does not disclose the importance of Quilty until the end of the story.

Charlotte Haze: Charlotte is the mother of Lolita and deceased wife of Humbert. She was a middle-class woman who had strong aspirations of a life of sophistication. Charlotte never manages to achieve her goals. Her relationship with her daughter has been in turmoil for a very long time. Charlotte worships Humbert and turns a blind eye to his pedophilic ways until she finds his journal.

Annabel Leigh: Annabel is said to be the original love of Humbert. She and her family would visit the hotel Humbert’s father owned. Humbert deeply loved Annabel right up until the time she dies from typhus. Humbert pines for her until he meets Lolita.

Valeria: Valeria is the first wife of Humbert. He married her in an attempt to cure himself of his addiction to young girls. However, Humbert regards Valeria as being intellectually inferior to himself and bullies her. When he tells her of his plans to move to America, she leaves him and marries a Russian taxi cab driver. Both Valeria and her husband later die.

Dick Schiller: Dick is Lolita’s husband. He is a caring, good hearted man. Dick is led to believe that Humbert is Lolita’s father, and is unaware of the sexual relationship that occurred between them. Dick plans to move with Lolita to Alaska.

Rita: After losing Lolita, Humbert moves in with Rita. Humbert likes Rita, but finds her to be dumb.

Mona: Mona is one of Lolita’s closest friends at school. She’s already had an affair with a marine and seems to be flirtatious with Humbert. However, she agrees to keep her friend’s secrets and helps Lolita in her situation with Humbert.

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