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Frankenstein’s Creation and Rejection of the Creature

As the reader reads farther into the story Frankenstein, the reader learns more about Victor Frankenstein and his creature that he hopes to create. The reader understands why he wants to create his creature and why after he creates it, he rejects it. Victor Frankenstein had great hopes for his creature, but after he is done, he can’t understand why it came out the way it did. Before Victor started his project on creating the creature, he planned that this would be a great achievement. He believed that he could create a human in which he can give life to.

His hope was to be able to give life to the bodies that have already died. Victor dreams of being able to create the power of immortality that he can pass on to others. He devoted every second of the day in creating his creature and didn’t attend to any other matter until his creature was complete. Once he was finished and brought the creature to life, he asked himself why he even thought of creating such a horrible looking creature. He rejects the creature and is completely disturbed by the sight of it.

This disturbance leads him to a restless night and which he is haunted by the image of his creation. The next day, Victor sees his friend Henry Clerval and when he brings Henry back to his apartment, he discovers that the creature has disappeared. At this moment, Victor falls into a sickness that leaves him weak for a few months with Henry to aid him. When Victor first thought of the creature, he had good intentions. Throughout the whole time he was creating his creature, he only thought good thoughts for his creation.

In my opinion, I feel that these were good reasons to make his creature because he was not only thinking for himself, but for other people. When his creature was complete, I felt that he was wrong in rejecting it mainly for its appearance. He never got to know what his creation could do or what kind of creature it could be. Victor was so disgusted by its looks that he never got to know what kind of person it was inside. This segment explains how one can automatically judge someone just by their appearance without getting to know who they really are.

Victor didn’t give his creation a chance to show what he can really do, but instead, thought that he was the ugliest creature he has ever seen. Also, he thought that this project would be a success from the time he thought of it until the time that he finished, but at the end, the opposite occurs. This tells the reader not to expect everything to go your way all the times and that you should think of the good possibilities and also the bad possibilities. This part is one of the most important parts and it teaches the readers many lessons to learn about life.

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