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Essay on Analysis Of Ebol The Hot Zone By Richard Preston

This is an Essay on the book The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. Ebola is a hot virus, meaning it is very dangerous, and lethally hot. It gets into your body in numerous different ways, therefore making it extremely hard to fight against. The diseased virus gets into your body and immediately starts eating all of your tissue. This results in body functions ceasing to work. Your liver shuts down completely, leaving toxic wastes floating around in your blood stream. Your blood starts losing and your kidneys swell up and harden, leaving a most miserable cutting pain in your stomach.

Your belly swells, leaving you looking eformed and rotting. Your face muscles are being liquefied by the lethally hot blood that’s travelling through your veins. Your body begins to deteriorate. On the seventh day of having the virus in you body, you get a headache, one that will never go away. It feels like you’re being stabbed behind the eyes, and your sight starts weakening. The virus is especially fond of the eyes and genital areas, including the breasts, on male and female. You start coughing an uncontrollable cough that eventually turns into heaves and vomiting.

Your blood that you throw up is lethally hot, containing billions and trillions of virus ells that are waiting to multiply into someone else. The blood comes so heavily that it starts filling up your lungs. You develop pneumonia. You realize that you need medical attention, and go into a hospital. Your virus is already travelling through the air, infecting everyone within eyesight of your blood and vomit. No one knows hot to help you. No one knows what to do. The medical staff decides to send you away by plane to a more advanced hospital several miles away.

You board the plane, and sit right beside a young girl and her mother. Everyone on the plane has been infected by this virus that no one knows you have. It’s been said that a deadly virus can travel through the entire world within two days once it gets into the travelling web. This virus has just entered the web. Everyone on this flight has been infected with the agent, and only time will tell if they will suffer from the effects of it or not. Ebola is an odd disease. It picks who it will destroy. There have been people emerged in the virus that was killing someone else, and come out without a scratch on them.

The flight wears on, and you intercept turbulence. All the hot blood is shaken up in your stomach, and you feel the need to bring up liquid that should have been gone long time ago. The flight attendant hands you an airsickness bag, you heave. The bag is filled up now, and there’s more coming. You try to hold it in as you hand the flight attendant your bag that’s starting to go soft from holding the contents of Ebola Zaire. The flight attendant also takes your second bag. You must have broken a blood vessel in your nose, because now your nose is bleeding uncoagulated blood.

Your blood clotting ability has been used up, and your blood wont stop flowing. It runs down your chin, and soaks your teeth and gums. The passengers around you are extremely startled. They’ve smelled he smell of your vomit, and now they’re watching you bleed out unstoppably. They want to ask you if they can do anything to help. They mumble a weak, “Sir, can I do anything to help you? ” The man glares at them and mumbles something else unrecognizable. The little girl beside him stares in horror as you go through multiple layers of paper towels, but your nose bleeds on, only out both nostrils now.

Your heaving turns dry. Your fingers and face have large spots looking like bruises all over them. Your face now turns bright purple. Infected blood is running all through your body, and your brain is now full of nclean, toxic cells. Your brain is losing itself. It is being taken over by this flesh eating disease. You are suffering severe brain damage. No one can help you. Your personality is being wiped away by the second. Your liver and kidneys are swelling, and some have said that the “who” of you is dead, the “what” of you is still fighting.

All of your life has been wiped away from you by mass brain damage. Your flight lands, and you stumble out of the plane. A medic has been called to take you to the hospital, and you are taken away to a place where thousands of people wait to be taken care of. By now, your blood is eating your uscles off of your body. Your face sinks in. Your eyes are bloodshot and orange-looking. Your skin looks as if its been melted off your face. None of your muscles are working like they are supposed to. You sit in a waiting chair in the lobby.

The room is crammed with other people with numerous diseases. A sign in the lobby tells you that “Patients cases are taken by NECESSITY. ” It goes on to say that you should cover your face with your hands if you have a cough. Your stomach turns once more, and your muscles are no longer to hold you up. You fall onto the floor, and suddenly every hole in your body is pouring lood out of it. Your eyes, nose, anus, and small cuts on your body are letting out huge amounts of blood. Your skin is starting to rip. Blood pours out there too.

Your insides have been completely liquefied, and the best way to describe the inside you is “mush. ” Hospital personal workers come and put you on a stretcher. You have officially “crash and bled” as the doctors call it. Your body has been taken over completely by this demon plague, and no one knows what has caused it. No one even knows what the plague is. None of the staff members know that Ebola can travel through the air, and none of the staff knows hat the blood they are now covered in carries trillions of little virus cells that are seeping through their own skin, trying to eat them inside out too.

No one even thinks that this disease travels through the air, meaning that all of the people in the waiting room have been exposed to Ebola Zaire. No one knows until it breaks out in Africa, starting with the staff members at the hospital, and ending with laymen travelling the streets, that Ebola was spreadable, but now they do. Now that hundreds of animals and even humans have died from this awful disease, and its disgusting side affects. Thanks to many deaths, and any failures, scientists now know that Ebola is real, and now they know that it is deathly.

Now, because people have suffered and died, we know how to prevent a widespread of Ebola Zaire. We now know that Ebola Zaire and its four sisters Ebola Sudan, Ebola Ivory Coast virus, and Ebola-Bundibugyo have minds of their own. We all know now that these viruses have shown their nasty heads multiple times in history, and we now know that we can’t control them. We can fight against them, but we can’t control them. We can be ready for these beasts of nature, but we’ve also learned, that they will be back.

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