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Death Foretold Thesis Essay

Original thesis statement: In the novels Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh women are portrayed and play significant roles in the works of literature. Revised Thesis statement: In the novels Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh women’s roles are dictated by society’s expectations which influence their decisions and actions Topic sentence #1: In Chronicle of a Death Foretold Pre conceived notions of women influence how man in their culture view women and the roles they play.

Evidence:”The girls had been reared to get married. They knew how to do screen embroidery, sew by machine, weave bone lace, wash and iron, make artificial flowers and fancy candy, and write write engagement announcements. Unlike other girls of the time, who had neglected the cult of death. ” (Marquez 31) Analysis:This shows a description of a woman’s job through a male perspective. This mainly emphasizes the expectation of women to follow this idea as the men looked for this in women and by not fitting in they were viewed differently as more of an outcast.

Evidence: “She thought there were no better reared daughters. “They’re perfect” she was frequently heard to say. “Any man will be happy with them because they’ve been raised to suffer. ” (Marquez 31) Analysis: The culture the women are raised in is all they know and it is implemented on them from a young age that they must behave a certain way. In addition the males grow up believing this is the most ideal way to act and do not think twice about this role that women are believed to. Topic sentence #2 Women in Chronicle of a Death Foretold are highly underestimated due to pre-determined views.

Evidence “She seemed to have a secret threads of communication with other people in town, especially those her age, and sometimes she would surprize us with news so ahead of its time that she could only have known it through powers of divination. ” (Marquez 20) Analysis: Many believe that women are not in touch or understand the events which occur. Although many have particular ways of obtaining the needed information and without many knowing that the women have this information. These women not only discover the information without many knowing they also make decisions and act on them by influencing the males in the household.

Evidence: “It was strange that she hadn’t known, but it was stranger that my mother didn’t know either, because she knew about everything before anyone else in the house, in spite of the fact that she hadn’t gone out into the street in years, not even to attend mass. “(Marquez 20) Analysis: Many people do not know realize that just because a woman is not seen that she is able to discover the information. Then using this influence others to act through subtle ideas. Thus they did not think she was able to find this out and act upon it.

Topic sentence #3: In The Sorrow of War the women are interpreted in a particular light as society has created the women to appear innocent and fearful with no way of doing wrong. Evidence “She’s like a saint, or a fairy, she has their sort of perfection. But that is a delicate trait, and she must be protected. Her fine soul will be warped by the coarse style of life that’s overtaking us” (Ninh 201). Analysis: The women are viewed as innocent with not believed to be capable of more dangerous actions. Plus this also emphasizes how delicate the women are meaning they aren’t capable of protecting themselves and needed assistance from others.

This further increases the notion of women being innocent even though they are capable of much more. Evidence If you’re scared, get out. There’s a fucking war on, y’know. If we have to die, then let’s die. Isn’t that right, darlin? Stay here with me. Have pity on me, darlin (Ninh 206) Analysis:Despite women being involved in the war the men revert back to notion of women being innocent. This means that they believe women need protection and in situations like this that they would be scared and unable to handle the situation they are in.

In addition despite the man thinking she is scared he still wants her to stay and in his mind it is partially her role to stay with him. Topic sentence #4: In The Sorrow of War the women adapt and handle the situations in different way which are able to influence the current situation. Evidence “seemed to be welcoming her new lifestyle, embracing it with a calm, carefree approach. From being a pure, sweet, and simple girl she was now a hardened experienced woman, indifferent to vulnerable emotions” (Ninh 223) Analysis: Prior to the war the men only saw them as pure and sweet although the women are able to change.

As the women are put into a new lifestyle the women are calmly able to make the needed changes. In this they acknowledge that the women are capable of changing to fit the current situations and how drastically the change was. Evidence He knew the track led to mother Lanh’s house. She had been godmother to the many young recruits, especially his own three man special team. (Ninh 52) Analysis: Despite the war Lanh and many other women opened their home to the soldiers. The intent behind this was to play the role expected of them and care for the soldiers who crossed their path.

By doing this she helped the war by caring for the men and giving them the love that they lacked being away from their families. So she adapted by becoming more open to help support the soldiers who were fighting. Topic sentence #5: Despite the women in both novels coming from different cultures in contrasting circumstances the women experience many similarities as they are both greatly underestimated. Evidence “You’re a saint. Only pura Vicario knew what she did during the next two hours, and she went to her grave with her secret.

The only thing I can remember is that she was holding me by the hair with one hand and beating me with the other with such rage that I thought she was going to kill me”(Marquez 46) Analysis: Pura Vicario was believed to fit the stereotype of all women before her as innocent and incapable of doing wrong. Thus no one would believe that she is capable of beating her daughter. Thus the community underestimates her by not comprehending all that she is capable of. Evidence “Kien moved past the girl, heading upstairs, and Oanh said to the girl, “Go down into the yard with your hands up.

No one will shoot you”… Kien didn’t hear the shots that killed Oanh. With all the machine-gun fire and other noises he didn’t even hear Oanh’s cryas the girl shot him” (Ninh 105) Analysis: Once again the idea of women not being capable led to the others underestimating them. Even though the woman is more than capable to do damage they believe that because she is a woman that she can not or will not. In this case this did not occur as the woman used the pre believed seemingly innocent nature to underestimate them and kill a man.

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