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Comparing Victor Frankenstein And The Monster In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Essay

Victor Frankenstein and the Monster he created are very similar in many different ways. It all starts out with Victor starting to study the dark science, so he can create a monster to be like himself. While he is making this monster, he doesn’t realize how ugly and scary it was coming out to be. Victor makes the monster so ugly it causes him to abandon him and sends him away. It is just like what happened to Victor from his own creator, which was his father who had abandoned him when he was a young boy.

The Monster and Victor have no physical resemblance, but they share the same personality. They are both loving beings. Both of them want to help others, and they want what is best for others. For example, the monster would sit and just watch Felix and Agatha and wonder why they were sad and wish he could help them. Also, there was the time the monster jumps into the river to save the girl, even though, all he had gotten from any human at that point was hate and disgust, but he still jumped in after that girl because he cared so much.

Victor would always take care of Elizabeth and do what he thought was best for her to keep her safe and happy, like never leaving her alone when he knows the monster is out for revenge. He wanted to keep her out of the fire, but what he didn’t know was he was actually putting her in danger and this caused him to go in depression and greave over all of those he lost, and it shows how much he cared for the people he had and loved in his life. One of the biggest similarities between Victor Frankenstein and the Monster is the isolation they have been put into.

When Victor Frankenstein worked on making his monster he was gone for months without anyone there to even just talk to. He liked it that way. It was easier for him to work. But it wasn’t just the being alone, he pretty much blocked everyone and everything out while making the monster, because he didn’t want anyone knowing he was creating this “thing”, so it forced him to keep secrets and with secrets comes an increasing of isolation. The monster was in isolation, because he was so terrible to look upon. Victor had to send him away which meant he had to go be alone.

He was so hideous there was no one out there that would accept him. That’s why he just watched the De Lacey family from a far, because he wanted to keep to himself but yet wanted to feel like he was part of a family. Victor Frankenstein and the Monster where similar in the way they just loved to learn things and become more intelligent about the world they lived in. Victor is a scientist who spent many of hours experimenting in the dark science and taught himself how to actually create life, which shows how truly smart he actually is.

The monster is pretty much like a new born baby in that he doesn’t even know how to talk when he is first created. He actually teaches himself to read and then talk from the books he found in the woods. They are alike in the way they both taught themselves how to do something which shows they are very independent people, because they are very capable of doing everything without the help of someone else. As you get deeper into the story you come to see how important revenge is in both Victor’s and the monster’s eyes. That’s what kept them alive through the tough times.

They had a relentless drive to get back at one another. For the better half of the story, the monster getting revenge on Victor was his only reason for living. Just like when the monster took away all of Victor Frankenstein’s family, the only thing that made Victor wake up in the morning was knowing that he had to find the monster and take away everything he had just like the monster did to him. Of course, the only thing the monster had was his own breath, so it meant that Victor would have to kill him to actually get his revenge.

The final result from the revenge was they both got to die alone. Their act of revenge not only caused the death of them, but it got everyone around them killed, like all of Victor’s family, and Victor now had to destroy the mate he made for the monster and that sends the monster on a rampage. There is an evil entity inside both the monster and Victor Frankenstein. This evil entity is influence by society, but Victors isn’t as direct as the monster.

The monster just wanted to be accepted by society. He shows kindness to them and even tries to help people. However, he is immediately rejected by society because of his ugly physical appearance. A good example of society rejecting him is when he had been helping the De Lacey family, and when he finally comes out and shows himself to them, they reject him because of his ugly form. Victor was rejected by most people, because he liked to keep to himself and wasn’t really an outgoing person.

This rejection became a dark hatred that was starting to grow down deep in him which spawned the evil revengeful side we see come out when the monster takes his family. As much as the monster and Victor hate each other, I would say that their hatred for themselves and the actions they did are very similar. Victor hated himself for being away from his family for so long, when all he was actually doing was creating a monster that would just scare everyone and ended up killing multiple people.

Victor began to hate himself, because he felt like all of those bad things happened because of his experimenting with dark science. On the other hand, the monster hated himself, because all he wanted to actually do was help others, but the humans wouldn’t even give him a chance because of the way he looked. The monster’s hatred for humans cause him to do things he would regret like killing William and blaming it on the made so he could kill again without any suspicion. The hatred they knew for themselves was one of the main reasons they ame to die at the end of this story.

I think they were ready for this pain to end, and they were tire and ready to simply not feel anything at all, whether it is good or bad. Looking past everything both Victor and the monster both had a desire to play their own cards on life, taking it away and bringing it back whenever they wanted. Victor is prepared to bring life to the dead. He shows that by creating the monster and even a mate for the monster. Of course, he takes that card back by ending the life of the mate before it ever began.

But by creating the monster he is giving life to something that was never supposed to be born, which is why the bad things happen to Victor, because you’re not supposed to mess with the balance of natural things. By Victor taking the mate away from the monster, after promising he would do that and leave him be, causes the monster to show his hand and start to toy with the opposite of what Victor is doing by taking life away from people instead of giving it. This eventually is how everything ended up turning back on Victor.

There are just some things you don’t mess with, and I would believe dark science would be one of them. There is a reason it has the word dark in it. The monster and Victor were alike in the way that neither one had a mother to be there for them and love them and show them right from wrong. Victor’s mother died when he was just a young boy, and I can imagine it was a big blow on him, because he then had no one there for him. The monster was not born from a father and mother. He was created, so he never even knew what it was like to have a loving mom to care for him and take care of him.

To make things worse all he did have for a father figure was Victor, and as soon as Victor actually took a hard look at him, Victor was so scared of what he created he ran away from it. The monster didn’t know what was wrong. He was pretty much a newborn baby sent out to live and survive on his own. The monster and Victor Frankenstein are comparable to figures from the Bible. The monster is a lot like Adam because he is the first of his kind. He wasn’t born by any two people. He was created just like Adam was by God. Also, he is comparable to the Devil, because all people saw him as wicked and evil.

In the story, Paradise Lost, the Devil makes a request to God and is turned down just like the Monster is turned down when he ask for him to receive a mate. Victor, to me, is like God, because he is the creator of life, and he does it from scratch just God did when he created Adam. This is a perfect comparison, because just like God and Satan, it is written in the Bible that Satan is out to turn away as many people as possible away from God. Satan seeks his revenge, just as the monster is out to take away everyone that Victor cares about, so he can get his revenge.

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