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Bushfires On The Environment Essay

Natural hazards are naturally occurring weather patterns and climate events that can cause severe or catastrophic damage to affected areas, flora and fauna. Australia suffers from many natural hazards such as bushfires, floods, heat waves, cyclones as well as droughts. Due to our generally hot, dry and unpredictable climate the country is prone to many bushfires. Bushfires impact Australia by damaging the environment, weakening the economy in addition to creating social distress. Bushfires have damaging impacts, however these fires can also be beneficial to the environment unlike other natural hazards. The amount of economic, social and environmental effects bushfires cause display the great impact they have on Australia.

Processes Causing Natural Hazard
Bushfires are also one of the most frequent natural hazards to occur in Australia due to the hot, dry environment. These fires can be caused by two main reasons, natural and human. Fires…

These impacts include loss of life, injury as well as lasting health problems (mental and physical). Bushfires have accounted for over 800 deaths in Australia since 1851. But not only do they cause physical damage to communities and individuals but also mental health problems. Recent studies have shown that many people undoubtedly will experience increased mental health problems after falling victim to a bushfire, people may suffer from Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Bushfires have a great impact on Australia’s economy, environment and society. They can cause death, destruction, loss of property and mental health issues along with the physical. Bushfires also pose a greater threat as it is one of the most frequent occurring natural disasters. Also, unlike floods, heat waves and droughts, bushfires are one of the few natural hazards that can allow regrowth for our…

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