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Animal Rights is Not Good

Frank Balun, a then 69-year-old retired clothing designer from Hillside, New Jersey had a hobby. His hobby was keeping a vegetable garden. Frank was faced with a small problem. Some squirmy little critter was having a feast off of his tomato plants. Frank smelled a rat. He set a live-trap and on July 27th 1998, the rat was caught. The rat tried to squirm out of the trap; Frank panicked and killed the rodent with a broom handle. Executive Director of the Humane Society, Lee Bernstein had a surprise for Frank, they issued him with a summons. Frank was facing 6 months in jail.

I will now play a little tape that shows the outcome of Frank the Rat Killer’s legal problems Luckily, Frank got off, but things like this happen all too often. The reason is because of tough laws pushed by animal rights organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Humane Society of the United States. The reason for these animal rights groups fervor in backing legislation that is so radical is based on their conception that animals should have rights the same as people do. This can be summed up from Michael W. Fox, the Vice President of the Humane Society of the United States book The Inhumane Society.

In it, he said “The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration. ” Can you imagine someone saying that their child and an ant are of equal value? That is what animal rights ideology stands for. What about when Ingrid Newkirk, the President of PETA told the Washington Post in it’s November 13, 1983 edition that “Six million Jews died in Concentration Camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughter houses. ” ? How can someone compare the barbecuing of a chicken to the genocide of six million people? It’s beyond me.

What greater threat to human rights could there be than people that put using animals for culinary purposes on the same field as murder? I believe that these people are a threat. If animals and people are no different, and they advocate euthanasia, or the killing of unwanted animals, what’s to keep society from killing unwanted people, for instance the elderly, if society takes a step in their direction. Alex Pacheco, Director of PETA told the New York Times in the January 14, 1989 edition that “We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children.

This statement points back to the father of animal rights Peter Singer, a man that does advocates the killing of unwanted elderly people and also thinks the mother and father of a baby should be able to decide whether the baby gets to live after the child is born. Singer wrote in his book, Animal Liberation that “Surely there will be some nonhuman animals whose lives, by any standards, are more valuable than the lives of some humans. ” Not only are they against eating meat, milk, eggs, and honey as well as wearing silk, wool or leather they are also against you and I owning a pet, dog or cat is enslavement.

Ingrid Newkirk the President of PETA told Animal magazine’s May/June 1993 issue that “people don’t have the right to breed dogs and catsif they want companionship they should seek it with their own kind. ” I got some junk mail from PETA recently requesting my financial donation. I wrote on paper that I was already a member of People Eating Tender Animals and used the postage paid envelope to get it back to them. I suggest you all do the same, save your money. You can help animals by being a responsible pet owner, don’t give your money to the same people that would put Frank Balun in jail.

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