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Amy Tan Two Kinds Analysis Essay

Amy Tan writes as many hidden things as the number of her story in Two Kinds.
As its complex structure suggests, the book tries to organize the the stories of mother and daughter with the intention of reaching the same destination: the daughters recovery of her cultural and ethnic identity as Chinese by overcoming the generational gap and the cultural differences between herself and her mother. The mother intend to hand over their “good intentions” and “usable past” in China to their daughter in America. Amy Tan, depicts the relationship between Jing-mei, a young Chinese-American girl, and her mother, a Chinese immigrant, her mother. She does not have something special things. However, her normal life has changed a little because of her mother….

So it made her doubting about what she had to do everything. Also the doubt worked on an external conflict as an exacerbating factor.

However, Jing-mei began to learn playing the piano with Mr.Chong and participated in the contest of piano. As usual, the result was the worst. After the contest, she said “I’m not going to play anymore, Why should I? I’m not a genius.” She thought her mother wanted her to be a genius and she didnt want to be someone that she was not. But her mother demands forcibly just like always.

They yelled at each other. This scene shows the most obvious external conflict about the collision of ideas between them. After mother listened to her daughter’s feeling, she never told her to play the piano. She respected her daughter’s opinions. Even if their expectation was different, by telling their own ideas, they were able to find a clue to resolve the conflict. Finally Jing-mei could confirm her mother’s real love with one day’s conflicts.


“To understand your parents love you must raise children yourself.” Amy Tan illustrates the process of recognizing parent’s love in her short…

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