Cuban Oil Crisis

Cuba has recently discovered oil reserves in offshore fields of Cuba’s share of the Gulf of Mexico that can approximately be rounded to contain 200 million barrels of natural recoverable oil. At the same time Cuba rejoices from this discovery coincedently the U. S is promoting to normalize relations with Cuba’s government. This significant discovery … Read more

Fracking Persuasive Essay

On every fracking site, 8 million gallons of water and 40,000 gallons of chemicals are used each day. In addition, these chemicals are injected 10,000 feet into the ground. This interesting statistic calls attention to the dangers of contamination and pollution that fracking brings to local communities and residents. A PhD recipient from Duke University, … Read more

Greed In There Will Be Blood Essay

Staged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, There Will Be Blood is a film about a power-hungry oilman’s immense greed for money and what he is willing to do to make his fortune. There Will Be Blood was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and first premiered on December 26th, 2007. Upon learning the … Read more

Reflection On Native American Land Essay

This August 2012 article “Tapping Into the Land, and Dividing its People” describes the controversies of whether the Blackfeet tribes should allow oil companies on to their 1. 5 million acre reservation on order to drill for oil. This issue causes divide within the peoples on the reservation because of their Blackfeet beliefs of how … Read more