Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

The novel “Lord Jim” by Joseph Conrad is a story about a sailor named Jim who has to go through life trying to put a hideous act of cowardice behind him. He has no place to call his own, and it seems as though his history follows him everywhere he goes. This makes it difficult … Read more

Theme of Guilt in Lord Jim

Conrad’s guilt theme in the novel Lord Jim is shown directly through the main character, Jim. “Jim’s spiritual odyssey explores the theme of guilt”(Kuehn 35). Jim is a strong character at heart, but he is overcome by the forces that guilt put on his mind. Jim is a man controlled by his fear. He dreams … Read more

Macbeth And Lord Jim: Compare

Realization of one’s imminent death can drastically change an individual. Knowing that death is imminent can change the way we look at things, and cause us to confess our sins. In Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad and Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the main characters experience this trauma. The instant that Jim jumps from the Patna, … Read more

Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Sharer”

In the many critical articles that we have read in class on Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Sharer” many of the authors believed that a secret that was being shared with the reader. They also believed that the secret is Leggett and the captain are sexually attracted to each other. They go on to say that … Read more

Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrads novel Heart of Darkness uses character development and character analysis to really tell the story of European colonization. Within Conrads characters one can find both racist and colonialist views, and it is the opinion, and the interpretation of the reader which decides what Conrad is really trying to say in his work. Chinua … Read more

Apocalypse Now In The Heart Of Darkness

As I read “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, I kept feeling the illusion of deja vu. It was as though I had been here before. I wasn’t sure how since I have not read 98% percent of the assignments for this class before. As the story progressed, the name of Kurtz kept signaling me. … Read more

Heart Of Darkness: Tension in Marlow’s Mind

Joseph Conrad1s novel Heart of Darkness is about a seaman named Charlie Marlow and an experience he had as a younger man. Early in the novel it becomes apparent that there is a great deal of tension in Marlow1s mind about whether he should profit from the immoral actions of the company he works for … Read more