African American War Conflicts

These days we have become so accustomed to war that we don’t even know how many wars are currently active. Do you know how many there are? As I write this paper there are 10 wars and 8 active conflicts. That said most of these conflicts are taking place in Africa. But why there? Well … Read more

Middle East Research Paper

Tourism is the mainstay of the economy in the Middle East. Middle East countries have many beautiful tourist spots, which are visited by millions of tourists annually from all over the world. Tourism in the Middle East is not limited to entertainment and natural places, but also includes archaeological, historical, cultural, and religious tourism, which … Read more

Six Day War Research Paper

Imagine being revoked of natural rights, not receiving medical care, being abused, and denied citizenship. This is exactly what is happening to Palestinians. Palestinian borders are guarded by Israeli forces, food is often not allowed within the border, and Israel often invades Palestinian civilians hurting and even killing them. The conflict between Palestinians and Israeli … Read more

Six Days War Thesis Statement Essay

In 1973 the Arab countries of Egypt and Syria, who were still upset over their humiliating defeat by in Israeli forces during the Six Day War in 1967 planned a military attack on Israel. While their intent was not to destroy the country of Israel, they did want to weaken Israel’s power and reclaim the … Read more