Wound Healing: A Case Study

Professional tattoos causes the breakage of the skin, triggering the automatic response of wound healing. Otherwise the standard removal of ink using laser can produce scars depending on the depth of the colour. Scarring tissue heavily involves fibroblasts and the specialised myofibroblast role is to replace the ECM components. The scarring and aging of the … Read more

Diabetic Synthesis

While repopulating wounded tissues through cell proliferation and migration, PURION Processed dHACM has also been shown to stimulate secretion of cytokines by cells, including secretion of immunomodulatory, angiogenic, and tissue growth promoting cytokines by fibroblasts, vascular endothelial cells, and stem cells. When treated with dHACM extracts, human dermal fibroblasts upregulated biosynthesis of bFGF, GCSF, and … Read more