Atomism: Democritus and Epicurus

In the Atomists, we see pluralism taken as far as it could possibly go. We see Democritus and Epicurus divide all the world, as well as the universe, into two categories; atoms and empty space. Everything else is merely thought to exist. The atoms are eternal, infinite in size and number and they are moving … Read more

Democritus. The doctrine of knowledge

The world, according to Democritus, is not created for the sake of man, and in the infinite Universe there are spaces without people. Man is also not a creation of the gods, but a product of nature. The earth, filled with moisture, saturated with atoms of fire, gave birth to grasses and plants, as well … Read more

Democritus. Wildlife development

About wildlife Democritus (judging by the titles) wrote in his writings: “On Nature”, “Small Myrostroy”, as well as in several books “Causes”. Not everything observed and seen by Democritus directly subordinated to the atomistic hypothesis, but always — to the causal understanding of the world. In the democratic picture of the world, the advanced for … Read more

The teachings of Democritus. Atomic picture of the world

The atomistic theory of Leucippus – Democritus was a natural result of the development of previous philosophical thought. In the atomistic system of Democritus, one can find parts of the basic materialistic systems of ancient Greece and the ancient east. Even the most important principles — the principle of the preservation of being, the principle … Read more

The materialism of ancient Greece. Democritus

The materialism of ancient Greece received its classic expression in the philosophical system of Democritus. Democritus, an eminent materialist of antiquity, created his own system of views at a different time than the Milesian philosophers, Heraclitus and the Eleatic. V century BC – This is the century of further strengthening and flourishing of the ancient … Read more