Kartagener’s Syndrome

Kartagener’s syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder affecting the cilia within the body. Autosomal recessive means that one or more of both the parents’ genes responsible for encoding the cilia’s structure are mutated. This essay will focus on the etiology, clinical manifestations and anatomic alterations while also exploring diagnostic and treatment modalities. Cilia are the … Read more

Essay on Ponyboy Monologue

3. 92 and 3. 68= 3. 71 cumulative GPA 3. 85 +3. 7 85% on math test if 78. 0% in class. 90% on test if 77% in class. No lower than 74. 9% in class Two ounces = 3/4 cup cocoa 12/28 A/N: Long time no see guys! I’m so excited to be back. … Read more