Characteristics of Modernism

Introduction The following research paper will critically engage with the architectural movement known as Modernism. This will be done by engaging in its formal, spatial, tectonic, philosophical and the broad contextual characteristics, to establish a theoretical framework. This frame work will then be applied in evaluating four architectural projects, to establish how successful the buildings … Read more

The Origins of Fauvism in Collioure, a Commune in France

Jean Leymarie said that “Collioure was the birth of Fauvism”. How far do you agree with this statement? Fauvism, the first twentieth-century movement in modern art, was a very short lived movement between 1905-1907 that was the product of a rapidly and radically changing culture. Innovation and experimentation were becoming fundamentals in the art world … Read more

Two Ballet Stories: Ballet De La Nuit versus La Sylphide

Both Ballet de la Nuit and La Sylphide are beautiful productions. Each graceful in their own right. However in comparison they show grace in separate ways. Le Ballet de la Nuit, choreographed in 1653 by Jean-Baptiste Lully was strong and grand. Where La Sylphide was powerful in its extreme delicacy, choreographed by Filippo Taglioni in … Read more

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Art lost in time

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon evoke a romantic picture of lush greenery and colorful flowers cascading from the sky. The grandeur of their sight must have been awe-inspiring, the magnificence, what a sight to behold. Oh! If only it lived down to our time. Little wonder the ancient World would have considered them one of … Read more

How to draw a person of a full growth

To draw a person of a full growth we can use different ways. Now let’s find out the basic steps to drawing a human figure. The most common mistake in drawing a human being is to distort the proportions, as in make the hands short relative to the rest of the body, make the head … Read more

Modern Mexican artists: Daniel Guzman

Daniel Guzman is an artist working primarily in drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. His drawings have various influences, including popular culture, serial killers, sexualized women, literature, and music. Guzman began drawing at the age of eight during a time in which his family was frequently moved house; he credits his art practice with easing the … Read more

Roy Lichtenstein's Painting “Ohhh… Alright…”

In November 2010, 1964 Lichtenstein painting “Ohhh Alright” was sold for $42.6 million dollars, at christies New York. Lichtenstein would himself have found this chocking as he used to say who pays so much for what he called “used Canvas”. “Ohhh…Alright…” is derived from the June 1963 edition of Secret Hearts #88 by Arleigh Publishing … Read more

Frida Kahlo Biography

Frida Kahlo, the most famous female artist to date. Frida was a confident and brave woman, especially for her time. She didn’t let anyone tell her what she could and could not accomplish. Even through her personal troubles, she was able to live an inspirational life and create beautiful art pieces that are still treasured … Read more

Andy Warhol’s Life And Career In Art Work

Andy Warhol Popularly known as Andy Warhol, Andrew Warhola was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Andy was the youngest of three children. Both of his parents were immigrants from Czechoslovakia. As a child, Andy was very artistic and creative which was encouraged greatly by his mother ( He had social issues which kept Andy at home … Read more

The influence of Japanese woodblock prints on the work of Western artists

This essay will examine the influence of Japanese woodblock prints on the work of Western artists. More specifically, this paper will focus on the influence that ukiyo-e woodblock prints had on 3 artists, Belgian cartoonist Herge, Canadian aboriginal Haida artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas and Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Van Gogh. These artists were chosen because they … Read more

An Overview Of The Beauty Principle In Japanese Art

In Japan, a country known for its creativity, art and its concepts can be put in one category called aesthetic. Aesthetic is the philosophical approach towards art. (Basinski, 2009) It is concerned with its beauty and value as well. Thus, there are different approaches towards art and that depends on each nation. Each country has … Read more

Ritualistic Consumerism: How Consumption Replaces Religion in ‘White Noise’

Consumer culture has been discussed by many authors and philosophers as long as the human race has been consuming. Consumerism is often referred to as a negative force in society, specifically in the United States, due to America’s image of surplus and leisure even in times of societal and economic suffering as discussed in Clay … Read more

Comparative analysis of Kehinde Wiley’s “The Two Sisters” and Jan Van Eyck’s “The Double Portrait”

While Kehinde Wiley’s “The Two Sisters” and Jan Van Eyck’s “The Double Portrait” are both greatly detailed portraits, each one contains its own style, form, content, and context that give the paintings a unique presence in its own way. Kehinde Wiley’s “The Two Sisters” is a pop art oil painting done on a linen surface … Read more

Modernist Experimentation in The Waste Land

Eliot’s “The Waste Land” is perhaps a prime example of the experimentation in poetic technique occurring during the period encompassing the Modernist movement. Loathed and adored by critics and students alike, the complexities of technique, language (or languages), subject matter and the sheer length of the work have contributed to the poem’s status as a … Read more

Reasons Why Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veteran Memorial Won The Competition By The Monument Committee

The competition by the Monument Committee that Maya Lin had won with her Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial design had consisted of 1,400 anonymous entries. After Maya Lin’s 21-year old Asian identity had been revealed, her design had received a lot of backlash and discrimination. Nevertheless, Maya Lin was able to win the heart of the judges … Read more

A Study Of The Origin Of Judo And Jujutsu, A Japanese Art

Judo had its origin in the ancient Japanese art of jujutsu, a system of hand-to-hand combat. The bushi of feudal Japan (samurai) are usually credited for developing jujutsu (at their time the art was known as Yoroi kumi-uchi, a grappling method for fighters fully clad in Japanese armor). However, the Nihon Shoki (the Chronicle of … Read more

Dance inspiration: Misty Copeland

Every dance season has a fresh start, with that come new opportunities to set new goals, push yourself, but most importantly to be inspired by others. Recently I moved studios, and have been pushed places I never knew I could reach. This year I have been surrounded with new faces and new limits. New challenges … Read more

Postmodernism and the Matrix

This paper is about the postmodern IR theory with the ideas of Michael Foucault and the movie The Matrix (1999). In first place postmodernism explained as a critical IR theory and its assumptions discussed. Secondly The Matrix (1999) will be summarized. After that the movie will be analyzed with a postmodern perspective. And finally there … Read more

Deconstructing Master-Narrative: the Postmodern View of History in Volkswagen Blues and Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry Murals

History is written by the victorious, the dominating nation, the ruling class, and subaltern voices are overpowered and unheard. Jean-Francois Lyotard, in his The Postmodern Condition, critiques the historical master-narrative, the vision of history as a totalizing narrative schema that reflects a singular perspective: “I define postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives… The narrative function is … Read more

Identity Of Frida Kahlo In Her Art Works

Though life is full of both positive and negative experiences, some individuals are able to use some of the most undesirable aspects of their lives, such as pain or trauma, to engender greatness. Throughout history, it has been commonplace to witness negative life experiences being used to encourage artistic exploration in poetry, music, and artwork. … Read more

An Analysis Of Postmodern Blackness By Bell Hooks

When the essay was first written during the 1990’s, the main point was that postmodernism was probably the most well-known trend with scholars and different academic people for its thoughts of “heterogeneity, the decentered subject…recognition of Otherness” which was just a number of different ways for saying, culture was attempting to help empower the underestimated … Read more

‘Black Iris’ Painting

‘Black Iris’, oil on canvas, 36 x 29 7/8 inches, 1926, The picture ‘Black Iris’ which can be called Black Iris III, is an oil painting in 1962 by artist Georgia O’Keeffe (American, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 1887–1986 Santa Fe, New Mexico). The size dimensions of this picture is 36 x 29 7/8 in. (91.4 x … Read more

The Suspension of Disbelief

The suspension of disbelief has been defined as a willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and believe something surreal. The idea to sacrifice of the realism and the logic for the sake of enjoyment. Essential is something that it is important and it is something that is necessary to us. The theatre is an entertainment … Read more

A Study of Fauvism

Fauvism For artists, the twentieth century began five years late. Late it might have been, but when it got going, it was decades ahead of it’s time. In 1905 nothing was as “modern” as modern art. It was to remain that way throughout the century. There are many people who still fail to understand the … Read more

Symbolism in Lord Of The Flies

Imagine a group of young boys who have just crash-landed on a deserted tropical island with no adults or supervision. William Golding showed in his ground breaking novel Lord of the Flies, what may happen in just those circumstances. In his very complicated and diverse novel Golding brings out many ideas and uses many literary … Read more

Rembrandt and Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro, a valuing technique that employs the bold use of lightness and darkness of tones and colors, is a powerful modus operandi to convey a sense of drama and intrigue in a work of art. When utilized in an effective manner, the disparity between the highlights and shadows in any piece of art is one … Read more

The Art of Love: Can Rape Be Justified?

By 18 BC, morality among the citizens of Rome had depleted by such degree that the emperor was impelled to enact the lex Julia de maritandis ordinibus, which instituted adultery as a crime punishable by death or exile. This was the Rome of Ovid’s time, but more importantly this was the audience for whom The … Read more

Immortality in Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”

Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” is a melancholic poem that considers the possibility of immortality for the people buried in the churchyard the speaker visits. Although previous sections of the poem explore different ideas, such as the speaker’s remorse for those who passed their earthly lives ignobly and seemingly without consequence, “Elegy” … Read more

Types of drawing

Types of drawing Freehand drawings, paintings or sketches – These are good for recording the general visual effect of a building or for making personal statements about how you feel about a place. They can be of any size and in any medium you like. Scale drawings on graph paper These are useful for preliminary … Read more

A Visit into the Minds of the Goon Squad

In Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From The Goon Squad, each chapter brings with it a different point of view that adds new dimensions that build upon the story arc. To emphasize characters’ thoughts and feelings and to offer different perspectives of recurring characters, Jennifer Egan uses varying points of view in “Ask Me If I … Read more

A General Overview Of Jeff Koon’s Puppy And Artists Work

Analysis of Puppy Artist Jeff Koons drew on the visual language of advertising, marketing, and the entertainment industry with the intent to “communicate with the masses”. Koons tested the boundaries between popular and elite culture, creating the 43 feet high West Highland terrier, Puppy. Koons utilized computer modeling to construct his extraordinary version of topiary … Read more

Golden Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol: Analyzing the tribute and Pop Art Piece

Radical, mass production, pop-culture, new theories: These phrases have one thing in common. These ideas, beliefs, and ways of life were all trending and thriving during the sixties. It was time of original ideas, contemporary art forms, as well as developing ways of consuming and producing. Warhol, one of the most popular artists during this … Read more