The Little Prince Summary

The novel starts as the narrator laments on his childhood as he constantly tried to draw a Boa Constrictor eating an elephant. When he would show grownups his drawing they would constantly assume that it was a hat despite all his efforts in drawing it differently. The grownups around him encouraged him to quit drawing … Read more

Key Facts about the Little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry used his love for doodling to create his own watercolor illustrations for The Little Prince. The Little Prince was first published in the U.S in English and French but would be later translated into over 250 languages. The French version of the novel was titled Le Petit Prince. It is said that the … Read more

The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a fantasy science-fiction novel written by the French author, poet and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and was first published in 1943. The novel is presented in the form of a parable or fable in which many creatures and animals are given the power and wisdom to speak and reveal important messages regarding society and … Read more

Major Themes of The Little Prince

Themes Children versus Grownups The major theme in the novel is the contrast between grownups and children. Children are considered the most natural form of mankind that are still unaffected by society, they have a wide imagination and a love for thing that don’t always have to be practical. On the other end of the … Read more

The Little Prince Characters and Analysis

Main Characters and Analysis The Pilot He is the protagonist as well as the narrator of the story. He is introduced first as a child with lots of imagination in contrast to the grown-ups who lack imagination and discourage him from drawing. Then he is introduced as a pilot who lives life in isolation because … Read more