F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel “The Great Gatsby”

In F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel “The Great Gatsby”, he shows power and change through his characters. In one particular part of the book I noticed a significant change in the character Jay Gatsby. This scene proved to me that he was more “human” then everyone made him out to be. You see a side of Gatsby that hasnt been shown yet in the novel. Gatsby was infatuated with Daisy Buchanan, this is why he moved to the West Egg. He was a man of great wealth who threw parties on weekends for everyone to come. He found out that his next door neighbor, Nick Carraway, was a second cousin once removed of Daisy.

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He has Nick arrange a tea party for Daisy to come so that they two can meet up once again. While they are waiting for Daisy to get there, Gatsby gets nervous, afraid of what to say and what to do. Even after she arrives he acts as though hes afraid to say or do the wrong thing, that if he messes up hell never have a chance to get back what they once had. After they get reacquainted, Gatsby, Nick, and Daisy all go over to Gatsbys house; he wants to show it off. Daisy is impressed with what she sees, and this pleases Gatsby.

Nick feels uncomfortable there, and offers to let them be alone to catch up, but they insist that he stay. They listen to a hired help play the piano while chatting and drinking among themselves. Daisy begins to show affection towards Gatsby, little hints here and there. Nick then decides that this is his time to leave. Never before have I seen or have other characters told stories of Gatsby showing such feelings, towards anyone or anything. He had always seemed to me just a man who thought nothing personal for the people around him. He had money and he wanted to show it off, or at least that is what was portrayed to me.

It was surprising to me to see him feel nervous and worried about what Daisy thought about him. He thought much of her, and that made him seem not so superficial. With knowing a more in-depth side of Gatsbys, it made the book more exciting to read. It made me more interested in Gatsby and made me wonder what other surprises would be waiting for me ahead. With a change like this in a character, it makes the book more powerful and more interesting. This scene from “The Great Gatsby” is a remarkable one to me. It helped me understand and enjoy the book more.

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