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As Evergreen, music is a song that has been released years ago or decades, but is often played in the media and is listened to by the audience and is known to most listeners. What is so special about such an evergreens is that listeners remember the play for a long time, and this lasts for the music taste of the decades. Quite often it is easier to remember simple melodies, distinctive rhythms, simple, structured songs, which have a text that is easy to remember and catchy choruses. On most of the Evergreens, one of the features presented is generally true. The so-called Gassenhauer are related, although the term Evergreen is mostly applied to English songs. Similar is also a catchy earworm. A catchy and memorable piece of music is called the earworm. Since this does not have to meet the music taste of most listeners, not every earworm is an evergreen, which often happens differently.

The term comes from English and can be translated with evergreen. Consequently, the translation metaphorically points out what is at stake: something that is continually green and therefore does not fade, that is to say, at any time, is good, fresh, and edible. In addition, the term in English means a plant that is evergreen, like most conifers. The term was only borrowed from English in the 20th century – before the term “oldie” was more common. In addition, the synonyms could be Gassenhauer, Hit, Erfolgstück or Zugnumber.

In addition, the word in English is wider than in German. It is also used for people who are characterized by a constant freshness, lasting success or long-lasting popularity. Furthermore, a contract is designated with the noun, which, if it reaches a fixed deadline, is automatically extended if one of the contract partners does not terminate. In essence, all meanings mean the same thing: namely, a thing that is up-to-date for a long period of time.Evergreen (Infografik)

Characteristics of Evergreens
There are no established characteristics to be applied to each Evergreen or that have been committed. However, there are some characteristics that can be found in most songs of this kind. The following is a summary overview of the features.

In principle, an evergreen is known to a large number of people, is often played over the years on the radio or on television and is therefore often found in the media. This means that such a song lasts for decades in the favor of the audience and is therefore popular and successful over a very long period of time.
In some sources it can be stated that such a hit must be 30 or more years old. However, this statement is misleading. Rather, it is only after a few decades that statements can be made as to whether a title actually survives the rapid fashion changes in the music or disappears again in the sinking. Consequently, most of the songs, which are called Evergreens, are mostly from the last century.
In general, most of the titles that are produced in the context of pop music tend to enjoy a narrow half-life, as well as consumer goods. It is characteristic of Evergreens, however, that they avoid this judgment and are also reinterpreted, ie covered, by other artists. Sometimes they are adapted to the current taste of the music, but remain in the core recognizable.
A delimitation to the national is also difficult. However, by definition, folk songs originate from the Volksmund and are passed on by means of hearing and imitation, whereas Evergreens are usually assigned to a clear interpreter (Note: this is not to be confused with folk music).
It is striking that most of the songs, which are so popular and enjoy the favor of the audience for decades, are quite simple. They usually have a catchy chorus, a simple, memorable text, and are characterized by rather simple melodies and rhythms. This is due to the fact that a song can only become an Evergreen, if many listeners still remember this after years, and songs that are simple and catchy are simply reminiscent of a better song.

Short overview: The most important part of the term at a glance
As Evergreen, music is a song that has been released years ago or decades, but is often played in the media and is listened to by the audience and is known to most listeners.
Important criteria are that a song can be described as such that it lasts many years and defies the changing taste of music, is recognized and loved by most people, often characterized by a simplicity in rhythm, melody and harmony.
Note: The counterpart in the literature as well as in the book market is, incidentally, referred to as Steadyseller. This is a work that is sold over decades and is known to a large number of readers. For example, almost all the works used as reading in German lessons, such as Faust, The Sorrows of Young Werther, Buddenbrooks, Fraulein von Scuderi, clothes make people, Nathan the Wise, etc.

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