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The Desiderat describes an object or an object that is missing or still being used. The word desiderat or desideratum is derived from Latin (pl. Desiderata, Latin desiderata).

The meaning of desiderat is “descended from the stars” in the proper word, and consequently means something that is desired and not present. However, this is not so much about soliciting an abstract or non-existent thing, but a real object, which is not present or is desired only at the respective place.

Desiderat in literary context
In principle, the word can be used symbolically for every deficiency, but four meanings have crystallized out over the years.

In libraries, the desiderat means a book that has been proposed for purchase and is not yet available in the library’s library.
In connection with the writing, one can also mean an incomplete manuscript or non-started writing work.
In research, we mean by the term an area which has not yet been developed or whose exploration has not yet been fully completed.
Furthermore, the missing object can be understood as a desideratum in a collection or a collection.
Note: However, as far as the unfinished manuscript is concerned, it is not so much an unfinished idea as the professional writing, as is the case, for example, in specialist books. Not every unfinished plot in the head of an author is thus a desideratum.

Rather, we are talking about a desideratum when a publisher plans to launch a series of books on the subject of “garden pond”, and thus demands quite specific writing work for it and authorizes the authors of the constitution.

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