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Who was more Crazed: Stalin or Hitler

The obviously more crazed man was Joseph Stalin. Stalin was more crazed because over his time and rule, he killed millions upon millions more people that Hitler. Joseph Stalin is also more crazed because he did not kill other people he was racist against, but simply because he wanted to kill. The book Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, states ” Adolf Hitler’s actions can not even be compared to the monstrous actions of Joseph Stalin”.

The author of this book points out another interesting fact. Alan Bullock states “If Hitler would have ruled in power as long as Stalin, there may have been somewhat of a kill ratio comparison between the two”. Hitler’s first and foremost task as dictator of Germany was cleanse Germany of all other inferior races. This was a very bad move on Hitler’s part, and that he should have never gone through with it.

The author rightfully states that Hitler had many physiological problems, and hated the Jews for one reason, and you will find that in the following quote by an anonymous author “When I now broached the question of what the source of his so strongly felt hatred for the Jews was, and why he wanted to destroy this so undeniably intelligent race – a race to which the Germans and all other Aryan’s, if not the entire world, owed an incalculable debt in virtually all field of art and knowledge, research and economics”. Unlike Stalin, Hitler actually helped the economy.

Hitler did good with the Volkswagen. Hitler was a power hungry man. Hitler was a more peaceful man compared to Stalin. He didn’t kill his own, family, and until the end, kept the economy strong. What Hitler wanted to accomplish was virtually impossible. His goal of making an entire race extinct was obsolete, but he did not seem to think that. Hitler tried to carry out his goal, and in a way succeeded in the almost impossible. In a quote from an article it states that “Hitler overcame the near impossible, through propaganda”.

This quote also brings up another point, and that was that Hitler was an expert at propaganda. Hitler and Stalin both used propaganda to its fullest, through billboards, and on radio broadcasts. The obvious better of the two was Hitler. Hitler’s great hate for the Jews came from when he was a young boy. Hitler wanted to be an artist, and went to Venice to show and paint his artwork. The main people who ran the art were the Jews. Hitler’s art was turned down, and from then on, he hated the Jews. Another reason for his hate was that the Jews killed Jesus, and Hitler a Christian.

Stalin was a very un-stable man. Stalin’s actions, were because of nervous breakdowns, and not making the right decisions. Stalin was made dictator of Russia through the death of Lenin, and this is the only was the Russians would have put him into power. In a quote provided by the book Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, people helped Stalin get into power by speeches like this one: “Comrades!! , It is time to tell the people the truth. Everyone in the party keeps talking about Lenin and Leninism. We’ve got to be honest with ourselves. Lenin died in 1924.

How many years did he work in the party? What was accomplished under him? Compare it to what has been accomplished by Stalin! The time has come to replace the slogan long live Leninism’ with the slogan long live Stalinism”! As you can see Stalin can be compared to Hitler’s use of propaganda. Stalin was a murderer. Stalin killed all his opponents, and this is probably a major factor of why he stayed in office. Stalin was physiologically unstable because as a child his father has beaten him severely. He succeeded in life, and went somewhat crazy because of his fathers beatings.

An author, Kenneth Neil Cameron, states that “The psychological problems of Stalin were fully because of his fathers actions”. There is not a lot of information on Stalin, because it is said, to be burned. Failure to Stalin, in his eyes was unacceptable, and needed to be fixed. His actions of killing 20 to 65 million of his own people was not a very good choice. According to another book, about Stalin, his actions were uncalled for and should have not been used. When Stalin came to rule the Bolsheviks, after Lenin died, he started many battles. These battles are what mostly lead to the further poverty in Russia.

Stalin could not stand to lose anything, and wanted what is best for him, and not what is best for his country. Stalin cared about his main goals and when a battle was won he contributed it to himself and his military tactics. To stay within power, Stalin used brute force and brutal torture to his people. Stalin’s reign was widely based on threats to his people. Alan Bullock wrote and article that states “In 1924, when Lenin died, he assumed the position of General Secretary, or Premier, and turned the Soviet Union into a Totalitarian-Communist Empire.

Stalin used terrorism and brutal torture against his own people to control his power”. Much like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin was one of the most ruthless and diabolical people in the history of the world. Hitler once said of Stalin, ” He is a beast, but he’s a beast on a grand scale who must command our unconditional respect. In his own way, he is a hell of a fellow! ” (Double Deception, p. 183) What Hitler said of Stalin is only his opinion, and it is not a valid one at that. You must consider the source, it takes a beast like Adolf Hitler to know a beast and Stalin was a horrible beast. He was also a murderer.

Stalin abused his people when he starved them to death, and systematically murdered them. Stalin also abused his country by halting Russia’s progress and economic growth. Stalin was a breaker of nations. In the book Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Alan Bullock sates that they had a great hate for each other, but had somewhat of a respect for what they have done in each other country. From the way things seem in this book, the people wanted Stalin to rule in their country.

People were confused, and thought conditions in Russia could not get any worse, so they accepted Stalin. (http://www. brittanica. m/) . In the form of killings between Stalin and Hitler, Hitler would take a higher position. Hitler use of concentration camps, gas chambers, burning people alive was very harsh. Stalin mostly used starvation of his own people. Hitler killed others, while Stalin killed his very own people. Stalin’s non- care for his people led to this starvation. Stalin thought the way to win an election was threats, and even though it seemed to work, it is not right in my view. Another reason Stalin was more worthy being a crazier person because from around 1936 through 1938 Stalin extracted his Great Terror.

The Great Terror consisted of many events including the Purge Trials and the Katyn Massacre. During the purge trials, Stalin once again haltered Russian progress. The Purge Trials eliminated many military officers and engineers. The numbers are not exact, but between 250,000 to 500,000 Russians died because of Stalin’s orders. These trials caused mass paranoia of the elite’s, afraid to make a difference, for if they did then they would ultimately end up dead. Stalin not only haltered the growth of his own country, but he haltered the growth of neighboring counties, on being Poland.

In Poland during the Great Terror, Stalin ordered the Katyn Massacre to occur. The top 15,000 officers in the Polish army were rounded up and killed in the forests of Belarus. This was a deep wound, the stunted the Polish progress, since now there were would be no more experienced leaders in Poland’s future, since Stalin killed most of their military elite. Once again Stalin had broken another nation. In conclusion, Stalin was the obviously more crazed man of the two. His combination of murder of his opponents, mass killings, and untrustworthiness adds up to make him the more terrible.

The main reason Stalin was chosen was because of the outrageous amount of killings. Hitler’s killings were minor compared to the twenty to sixty two million people Stalin killed in his lifetime. Stalin cannot be compared to any other political figure. Joseph Stalin was a one of a kind, and it was the one of a kind you did not want. No other political figure in history has killed this many people in his political reign, or for that matter, used fear to win his elections. As ruler of the Red Army, he did not feed his soldiers, and sis not take care of them.

People in Stalin’s country had to fend for themselves. If asked the question, who was worse: Stalin or Hitler to any average person of average knowledge, one would assume Hitler was worse. This situation was common because Joseph Stalin burned most of the history on his life, and his plans. In the beginning, to me, Hitler was worse too, but after reading what I have read about this monstrous man, I know for a fact Stalin was worse, and he will always be in my eyes. I hope my paper has well informed the reader of who was obviously the more crazed man.

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