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Theories Of Domestic Violence Essay

What is domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is a behaviour used by one person in a relationship to control the other person. This violence includes emotional and physical assault, sexual abuse and stalking.
Dictionary meaning- violent or aggressive behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner
Examples- intimidation, sexual assault. Etc.
Why domestic violence exists?
There are 2 emotional dynamics that contribute greatly to domestic violence.
One involves a destructive thought of process ( critical inner voice) The abuser experiences thoughts like “youre not a man if you don’t control her” and “she is making a fool out of you”.
The Second factor includes a harmful illusion of connection between…

Another reason was that the police may not be as understanding (17 percent of women victims said this) and nearly two thirds of these respondents said that they were happy they didn’t report it. THAT’S SAD ?
Legal response for Domestic violence
There are now laws that exist for women to achieve justice against domestic violence.
Crimes ( domestic and personal violence) amendment Bill 2013- this allows senior police officers to issue provisional apprehend domestic violence orders, expand police powers to give directions or detain a person for the purpose of serving a provisional apprehended domestic violence order on them and provide a number of safeguards to that person.

Crimes (Domestic and Personal violence) Amendment (Information sharing) Bill 2013- provides for information sharing between public sector agencies and non-government organisations for the purpose of facilitating access by alleged victims of domestic violence to support services appropriate to their needs.
These bills identify 6 justice…

Two thirds of women of women said they were unhappy with reporting the crime due to the way the police handled it, police should undergo training to better help women who have experienced domestic violence because the police are the first line of action and women should be 100% confident about confiding with the police. The legal system with domestic violence has improved but I still feel like there is more to be done, more sympathy and not just laws on paper.
Effectiveness of Non-Legal resonses
I believe non-legal issues are somewhat effective they spread awareness and they are “doing” not just saying. Organisations help women and set up a support system to further help women. If women are more aware of the issue it may benefit them they could see behaviours that may question their thoughts about their…

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