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Themes In One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Essay

“How We Must Be Prepared To Respond To Changing Circumstances” As a human being, life is has ups and downs. It is not always plain straight. There is a constant change in circumstances. In that case, we must be always prepared to respond on changes. In the play, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” by Dale Wasserman, the two main characters which is Chief Bromden and Randle Mcmurphy who both set in a mental hospital shows how they both respond to changing circumstances. The second is “The Whip Hand”. The narrator is the person who has a dream where he is a part of a horse race where he wins.

But, when he wakes up, he realizes that is not a reality but only just a dream. In Whip Hand, Sid Halley, the narrator is a world champion race jockey who suffered in an enormous crash. This accident crumpled his left hand and ended his riding career. Life after his career, he is dreaming that he is in a race and he wins. In his dream, he is with the other colourful horses. The large volume of crowd is cheering for him and shouting his name. He wakes up and he realizes that it is only a dream and it is impossible to bring back his riding days.

He still feels the pain of his crash mostly, the pain of not be able to ride and race again. Sid Halley is not prepared and still struggling to face the reality in fact; he still has a feeling of nostalgia where he is still riding and racing. The pain of seeing you dreams go is really kicking him. One must accept the reality there are things in life that we have to let go. Sid Halley once a great jockey rider but now he cannot ride anymore because of his conditions. If Sid Halley been ready to embrace change, he would not have experienced the disappointment he feels towards his life

On the other hand, the play “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, Randle Mcmurphy is a typical prison convict who transfers to the mental hospital. When he arrives at the Mental hospital at Oregon, he astonishes his co patients with his rebellious attitude. He wants to prove to Nurse Ratched that her iron fist and dictatorial rule in the hospital can be broken by him with his fellow patients. Randle Mcmurphy gets the admiration and leade ership of his co-patients because of his courage to break nurse Ratched’s rules and regulations. He leads the protest against nurse Ratched.

One time, he uses Chief Bromden as an instrument to escape the fence by stepping on him. He escapes and he takes the bus to bring his fellow patients to the sea to go fishing, where they feel that they are free. In the end, after committing a number of offenses, he is subjected to the painful and harsh punishments. He undergo in an electroshock therapy and lobotomy. He becomes weak after the lobotomy and he is now in a vegetative state (soft, weak). The Chief does not want him to suffer anymore and he suffocates Randle to death giving him a permanent peace.

In overall, Randle Mcmurphy came into the mental hospital with confidence. He did not see and anticipate the defeat from the head nurse and the staff of the hospital. He thought that in his fake insanity, he could survive not compelling the authority’s command. He is not prepared for the possibility that things would later change after he come to the hospital. The lack of preparedness for any change of circumstances amplifies the amount of suffering one will face. In my opinion, it is very important to be prepared for any changing circumstances in all situations.

Because lack of preparation may lead to very negative consequences, deep failure, low self-esteem and more. When I was in high school, I feel so comfortable on everything. I am a typical go with the flow easy living person. I really enjoy my high school days and I really cherish the time together with my friends. I actually have my mind set after high school that I am going straight to university as a nursing student. I already apply early and I am just waiting for the confirmation from the university. As days go by, I realize that I will not meet the required marks that they need.

I realize this later that year. I don’t have any second option on what to do after high school. This delays my university plans and makes me take a year of because of what happen. I was highly stressed, and depressed. The stress that came with the failure was amplified by the reality that I was not prepared for the changing environment. I did not anticipate the possibility of failure and change of circumstances ahead. Instead, I stick with it without any backup plan. In conclusion, it is very evident that being prepared for changing circumstances can be very important.

This is mostly when the freedom and the stability of the individual is uncertain. There is no forever where you are at the top. There will be a time that you will be at your lowest low that’s why it is very important to be prepare for changing circumstances in life. this situation is seen from the discussion about, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest”, “Whip Hand”, and my personal experience where we all failed to prepare for oncoming change in circumstances that leads to stress, depression, and death. We should be prepared for changing circumstances at all times to avoid unforeseen troubles.

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