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The Holocaust, Linking Past to Present

The Holocaust was an extremely awful thing that should have never happened. But what were the causes of it? You’re probably wondering why I ask. Well, after I noticed the tremendous amount of innocent children involved, these questions presented themselves. People, have been stereotyping and assuming too much of people. This is why a lot of social problems come to be. Some people (namely the Nazis) can be harsh and they arrogantly need a scapegoat for some of their actions. This is what happened in the Holocaust, when the Jewish people were the Nazi’s meek and uncelebrated scapegoats.

We know the facts of the past, but do we have enough knowledge and wisdom to prevent this from ever happening again? We won’t know it, but we can start preventing this right now. Resist hate. It’s a start and something we all can do. One of the biggest dangers to society is: silence. If something bad is happening and we know about it, we can’t sit around and let it happen. We have to stand up for what is right and resist hate. That is the only way we can be sure to preserve the future. Take matters into our own hands and try not to be silent.

That is also one of the things that went wrong during the Holocaust. Bystanders were in the middle of it, going along with the crowd, not really listening to their gut feeling, their conscience, just too busy being a nobody, another meaningless person on the face of the earth. Letting millions and millions of Jews being killed. People these days are so scared of the idea of kill or be killed, that they totally ignore the fact that whatever little thing they do helps immensely. If you ever see some injustice going on, don’t just be some punk who doesn’t care about what’s going on.

Don’t just be another meaningless person. Stand up and say something about the situation. It is guaranteed that someone will listen. (It worked magnificently for civil rights activist Martin Luther King. ) I think if we learn from the past and gain more wisdom from its high points we should be able to create a strong change. But it’s not that easy obviously, because people are still undergoing the harsh treatment of prejudice today. We’ve also got to teach how prejudice is unacceptable, and such bile should forever be terminated so we may have a not so bright future.

In closing, awareness is what will save us from another Holocaust. We must be aware, and teach others to be aware! If we can do this, we may never see a kid being picked on at school, because of religion, size, hair color, the way he/she dresses, the way they talk, what kind of music they listen to, or what kind of name they give their pet goldfish. We shall never see a woman get the unfairness that she has to live with today. If we do this, we shall never see a man of a different color skin get called slanderous remarks, and have less value than the next man.

If we all did this easy task then everybody should receive the same opportunities in life thus having a very bright and future. To be someone is everything. We shouldn’t have to be mindless pawns in the Nazi’s wake of disregard and destruction of the human soul. Stand up and make a difference or else we might see another holocaust. I leave you with this thought: Disregard leads to injustice, but awareness leads to justice. Assumption equals death, and knowledge equals life!

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