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Radiance Of Tomorrow Book Report Essay

The people who live in third world countries have much harder lives than how we live everyday. In “Radiance of Tomorrow” by Ishmael Beah it shows how difficult their lives are. Even though they are going through tough times, they still remain very hopeful. The theme of this book is to always stay hopeful, and that’s what the people of Imperi do. Bockaire’s family should stay in Freetown so they can get nice jobs, a new beginning, and it is more realistic over all to stay there. Bockaire’s family needs a new start.

They shouldn’t be reminded of all the tragedies that happened in Imperi. With Bockaire’s closest friend dying in a mining accident, and brutal soldiers in the beginning of the book, they should get away from the place it all happened. The family should move on from their rough past. Bockaire knew that staying in Imperi was a bad idea when he said on page 172 “We can not wait any longer. We must leave Imperi tomorrow. ” He knew this when Benjamin died. He knew how the mining company was terrible and he had to leave from it as soon as possible.

To leave the sad past behind they had to move away. Also on page 172 it states “That evening, as she packed her things, she decided to leave her husband’s clothes behind. It was too painful to pack them. ” This showed how Fatu didn’t want to be reminded of Benjamin’s death, and if everyone stayed in the village many things would remind them of the death. Page 169 reads “She tried not to cry in front of the children.

She said nothing, but she dropped the things she was holding and stood in one place, as though her feet had grown roots. Fatu shows again how sad that time was and proves the main point. Bockaire’s family needs a fresh start to get away from their rough past. There are steady jobs in Freetown. There are a lot more job opportunities in the city compared to Imperi. To be able to support the family Bockaire or Kula have to get a good and steady job. To be able to even stay in Freetown they needed a well paying job. On page 192 Bockaire thinks “This isn’t Imperi. There may be possibilities here. ” Bockaire took the risk to come to Freetown and he believes that there will be possibilities there.

He knows he has to stay there to get a job. Benjamin says on page 92 “Poverty is worse than nightmares. You can wake up from nightmares, you can wake up from nightmares. ” Benjamin knows how terrible poverty is and if Bockaire’s family goes back to Imperi they could go back into poverty. It states on page 217 “He didn’t want to buy anything and was embarrassed to sit down and wait without even a bottle of water. ” This quotes shows how he is still poor from living in Imperi and it was embarrassing for Bockaire.

On page 226 it explained”… hey had walked a long way and spent their last cents to get a semblance of an education. ” The family still does not have a lot of money but they try hard to get an education. By moving to Freetown they can probably get out of poverty because of the job opportunities. It is a lot more realistic to stay in Freetown rather than in Imperi. Bockaire, Kula, and the children were hardly surviving back in Imperi. There was food and money shortages, brutal soldiers, and many deaths in the village. It makes no sense to stay in a place that all of those things happened at, especially with family.

For Kula and Bockaire to be even a little bit successful they cant go back to Imperi, they would be going no where. Over all it makes sense to stay in the city. Page 177 reads “There is nothing there ti improve one’s life and the things the things that used to make it feel liken home are destroyed everyday. ” Bockaire thinks this about his hometown because the village is not how it used to be before the war started, he knows that he shouldn’t go back to that place. Page 178 informs “He was hoping to find something in the new morning that was ure, that hadn’t been bruised by the world. ”

Bockaire wanted to be in a place that was damaged and all messed up, unlike Imperi. Kula claims on page 223 “This city has so much to teach one every day. ” Kula knows that the city of Freetown has potential to become something amazing for them, and she knows to stay there. Bockaire’s boss says on page 222 “you will only get paid at the end of the month. ” All though this was a bad thing at the time this shows how the job is consistent. The whole family knows it makes sense to stay int Freetown and makes no sense to move back to Imperi.

People who live in poor villages deserve to be treated the same as how people live here in America. The people of Imperi were treated like objects and no one should be treated like that. Bockaire’s family deserved to have a nice job and a new start, and that’s why they should stay in Freetown. They should stay there because of good job opportunities, to get away from their rough past, and it makes no sense to go back to Imperi. They shouldn’t move back to a place that would make a negative affect on their lives.

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