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Nico’s Ghost Short Story Essay

In 1987, Nico was murdered. Nobody noticed who murdered him. He left behind one of his pennies whitch was covered with blood. There’s a tale that says whoever carries his pennies will be possessed by Nico’s ghost.
The day is long and the night is short. Joy’s family decided to visit her grandparents house in Great Falls, Montana and Giant Spring State Park. It took there about 19 hours to drive to her grandparent’s house.
The next morning while her father was driving the car, Joy and her mom took a relaxing nap during the entire trips. While Joy was taking a nap, she had the weirdest dream. After a while her dad turned some pop music on the car radio.
Finally, they reached Great Fall, Montana. The houses and stores were aged, perhaps from…

As you can see Mai, Rose, Lucy, and Ezra are father to son. The old tales says that whoever has his penny will be possessed by his ghost and kill the father and son. We don’t know why Nico killed…

“Joy, where did you get this?”
“Well, i found it at the gas station”
“Joy didn’t i tell you never pick up a pennies?”
“Ummmmm… yes”
“Did you break the promise?”
“Well… kind of”
“listen Joy, tonight Nico will control your body, so you have to fight back.”
“I will tell you. you can’t show how frightened you are, you have to stay strong!”
“Ok grandma!”
“At night Nico will control your body to kill and at day you will be youself.”
The moon came. Joy tried to calm down but she was really afraid. Her hand was shaking. Joy’s parents and her grandparents sat next to her, tried to keep her calm. joy’s grandpa called a pastor to get rid of Nico.
So the pastor prayed. It was kind of hard, but he, the pastor, kept on praying. Joy’s body was shaking and her eyes turned to red it was usually blue. The pastor told joy’s parents and her grandparents to get out of the room. pastor and Nico was alone in the room. When Nico tried to stop the pastor from praying, Nico couldnt touch him.
So the pastor kept on praying, and noco was out of joy’s body. Nico was sent back to his penny. So the pastor kept the penny where not one could get to…

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