In the past few months, there was consistent negotiation for creation of a housing & financial Utopia. Last Friday, Oct 24, 2020, Michael Smith, the chairman of Style Construction Co, and John Abraham, the Cubat island owner, had given permission and their support to create the New Generation Housing & Finance Utopia. I was very fortunate to be the manager of this construction. It would my pleasure to present you the ideal of this goal and how it function. New Generation Housing & Finance Utopia will be a heaven residential area and a secure financial market, which is closely associated with the world markets.

We will have 500 elite world companies in this Exchange, such as AT&T, Microsoft, Intel and etc. As we have witnessed in this century, many investors were eager to increase their profits, they began to invest dangerously with undocumented speculations. Rumors such as the merger of MCI WorldCom and Charon Communication had stock prices increase dramatically in few weeks, up 150% from previous month. MCI WorldCom chairman, Bob Wilson disclaimed the false allegation. “We have never in any way discussed with Charon about the possibility of a merger.

We feel very confident with our position in the future. ” Wilson said. Undocumented speculation caused the unsubstantial rising of MCI and Charon stock prices. When the truth was being told, a major correction was inevitable for MCI and Charon, they dropped 200% from it’s high. The speculators sold their shares before the announcement was made, since they knew it was untrue. They were profited handsomely from this trade. However, the investors, who believed in the rumor, were the buffer of this deal, meaning the ones who helped the speculators made money, but lost wealth of their own.

A few investors, who lost all their money, found no way out but death. Dick Peterson, in debt of Margin loan, jumped from 30-story office building for an immediate solution to his problems. Others gathered in the streets outside the Stock Exchange to learn how much they lost. Margin loan was buying number of shares with partial of your own money, and borrow the rest from brokers. As you could see, danger investment led to tragedy. Our goal of New Generation Housing & Finance Utopia is to provide our investors a safer environment to invest in.

We will eliminate undocumented speculations. Any news you hear is base on credible and legal announcements. Whoever in any way or form, try to mislead a false speculations will be fine severely and will be forbidden from the Utopia. Some features in this new Exchange will be different from other markets. Margin loans will be bended to prevent risky investment. A new loan call Accommodate loan will be take place of the Margin loan. Accommodate loan will let you borrow up to 10% of your investment. The loan must be paid back in a month.

The interest rate will be 10% of the amount you borrow, and overdue funds will increase the rate to 15%. Funds not being return in 2 months will be obligated to take the risk of losing the whole investment to the bank. Ten percents tax charge on profits from market investment less than 10,000 dollars. Fifteen percents tax on profits less than 20,000 dollars, over 100,000 dollars will be twenty percents, and exceed 500,000 dollars will be thirty-five percents. The maximum capacity for the island is 100,000 people.

Anyone is welcome to live in this Utopia. However, the minimum requirement of acceptable residents must have $100,000 of investments in the new Exchange. The individuals, who had trouble with the law, must obtain recommendations from several credible foundations. Then, a Selection committee will decide the acceptance of the individual (Noted criminals who committed major crimes will be turn down from acceptance). Occupation is various in this island, but market investment would be the priority profession.

Anyone is welcome to set up his or her own business with the approval of the island chairman (To ensure the non-polluted environment wouldn’t be interfere, no factories will be permitted). A democratic government will be in charge of the island. Selection members and the chairman are chosen by free election. The chairman of the island acts as the president. He has to solve issues, manage investment funds, and provide quality living and peace for the island residents. A Selection committee will be set up of thirty members. They act as Congress. They have the rights to veto the chairman’s decision, and make laws of this island.

Understanding the personal needs and abilities of our residents make the difference between life and living, trained staffs are on hand 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist and care for residents if any conflicts or problems occur. If any disagreement should become an important concern, voting will take place by the residents to concur the matter. The government will provide high-quality health care and school education. The funds of this service will be supported by the 15 percents tax of resident’s income. School will be concentrated on financial, business, and technology education.

The educated students will be the followers of this community. Housing is one of the most essential belongings in our life. Not only we want a home, but also a fancy house with luxuries that satisfied our desires. To ensure that our resident personal lifestyle is not just maintained but enhanced, we took that ambition account to the construction of the island. Our mission is to provide our residents a home the way they wanted. When the resident’s application has been accepted, we would give them freedoms of constructing their dream house. They tell us what they want, and we will build it for them.

However, because of time consuming are limited, the area and the outer structure of the house will be constructed in advance. We will follow our customer’s wishes to assemble the bedrooms, living rooms, gardens, and etc. Thanks to the arrangement of the island, which surrounded by water, our residents could see beautiful water views, and spectacular sunsets. There is always abundance of activities to occupy in this gorgeous island. Beaches are conveniently access for our residents. Amusement park could be found in the center of the island. Shopping malls are located closely to residential areas.

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