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Muhammad Spread Islam Essay

Muhammad was a prophet who was born in Makkah in 570 CE. As he grew up he was

known to be truthful, honest, trustworthy, and sincere. When he was 40 years old he was in a

meditative retreat and he received his first prophecy from god from the angel Gabriel. After

Muhammad got his prophecy he told his wife, he said that either hes crazy or a prophet. He

said that he was chosen by Allah to be a messenger. Muhammad decided to tell everyone

about his prophecy, but everyone rejected his call to worship only one god because they were

all idol worshippers. These Muslims suffered bitter persecution.

“In the year 622 CE, god gave the Muslim community the command to emigrate. This

event, the hijrah or migration, in which they left…

Originally the only the poor people accepted the teachings of Muhammad, but within about

two decades almost the entire Arab nation accepted it. It is not known how Muhammad was

able to gain so many followers, but some say that it spread through the beauty of

Muhammads teaching and example.Others say that Muhammad spread Islam by killing those

who did not agree with him. Finally, others will say that they dont know how Islam spread.

The basic essentials for the practice of Islam are the five pillars of faith, they are the

framework of the Muslim life. One, the confession of faith which is called Shahadah. “There is

no god but allah and Muhammad is the messenger of allah.” ( Two,

prayer which is called Salah. All Muslims are required to pray five times each day. Three, the

giving of alms which is known as Zakat. “It is a religious duty and should amount to not less

than 2.5% of the income above ones needs.” ( Four, Keeping the fast

during the month of Ramadan which is called Sawm. Everyone must fast during the month of

Ramadan except for the sick, travelers, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children….

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