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Marc Ching Part 2 Analysis

First off most of the Evidence Starts in Part 2 This is just the Set up to where everything goes straight to hell. For Marc Ching cult who questioned why I am doing this,? You must be out of your mind to even ask. Against every single major Animal activist advice, not to pay for dogs, Marc Ching was so arrogant and reckless and determined to get press coverage that when attending his first ever Yulin Festival he went against all wisdom and handed out money like he was Santa handing out presents at Christmas. Why do you think the United States has a standing policy never to pay for hostages?

Look it up, it’s the same exact reason why you don’t pay for dogs and cats. People on the ground that I have spoken to already confirmed that Yulin 2017 will be a blood bath. Kids are already talking about stuffing dogs into a cage and scootering to Yulin so they can offer that American paying cash to buy their dogs. One lady has already been beaten when she was overheard telling someone that an American who buys dogs is maybe here to visit, she warned this person to stay away from him, he will bring trouble.

What did her in was saying “I hope he doesn’t come back because he brings death with him” Someone dragged her out of the house and beat her senseless, saying “If the American doesn’t come back he’ll kill her and anyone who opened their mouth and scared him off” So Marc Ching is not only endangering dogs but people as well. Many people have reported instead of going to Yulin, as they had done for the past 5 or 6 years they will not go this year because they fear that criminals will get mad and destroy the dogs on the streets in front of evrery one if Ching does not show or runs out of money.

These types want their payday, no excuses. He Closed 6 slaughterhouses for a few hours, not days, weeks or forever… HOURS! Marc Ching spent THOUSANDS of dollars in donations for what? to close them for a few hours and have them refilled with more dogs. While we have the testimonial on tape we have so far not found a confirmation to our audio. So allegedly he paid $1000 (that equals about 2 years salary for an average Chinese worker) for each day they were closed. Some were buck up in hours some it took two or three days but they got compensated for it.

Every legitimate organization who’s normal method involves stopping trucks on route to save the dogs now because of Marc Ching and his Santa Bag filled with money the dogs will be ransomed off. The amount of caged dogs will nearly be double since every criminal element will be looking to cash in. If Marc Ching does not show or does show and doesn’t pay these dogs will be slaughtered for no other reason as revenge against Marc Ching not showing up or not paying. I could go on and on and on To be upfront about what wildlife planet is doing at the moment We are hoping that the China will just revoke his visa.

We proved already that he was filming under cover which is against the law in China (Marc seems to forget it’s illegal in the US as well) China takes their secrecy seriously and while they will not tell us what they will be doing, it would not come as a surprise to see him arrested by China as a spy when he steps off the plane on Feb 22nd or 23rd. We have contacted every major newspaper, George Knowles the original Daily Mail article, Every Chines Newspaper offers our co-operation in getting real journalist with more contacts than we have in China in writing an article based on all our facts. We have contacted the U.

S. state department and informed them of Marc Chings ‘undercover-work’ in hopes of getting his passport revoked. Since he has already admitted on tape of paying off criminal elements, filming undercover in a sovereign nation (Violating their laws) they have asked for our evidence and as we speak it is headed to Washington D. C. The NY Times, Washington Post and a few other newspapers have shown interest in writing this story due to the coverage that Marc Ching’s false “I saved 1,000 dogs) I am assured that closer to the Yulin festival when media outlets start to focus on Yulin, our story will get major press coverage.

So it is safe to say Marc Ching will be no more by Yulin but we are hoping to stop the slaughter before it happens and to do this we need to get the word out that Marc Ching will not be bringing all his donations that were meant to save dogs, but instead paid to ‘close’ slaughterhouses that were reopened within hours, filled with dogs, and opened once again for business. ? What we will be explaining is the true events according to witness statements, emails, Text messages, audio, video, pictures and from various other sources. that took place between June 19th, 20016 through February 5th, 2017 It will be told over the course of 5 days.

Each day we will be releasing the new story at 6pm E. S. T. Every article what I have written has been the absolute truth. We will not release transcripts, nor shall we release anything confidential, but when we use this information in our story it comes from direct sources. We do not care if you do not believe me and can call us liars. So far using Marc, Valarie, Suki and other video, photos, audio and their own written account they have been caught in multiple lies, while they have yet to prove me false on even one after 12 stories, and over 10,000 words.

Again I am writing this as a story and will insert evidence as I go along, but everything in this story has been checked and rechecked and due to confidentiality agreements we will not reveal our sources. We understand the cult will cry foul, but amazingly they never ask Marc Ching for any proof that he actually pays people to go undercover, he never had to show proof that he was beat up even though we have not had one single picture of any wounds in lord knows how many times he claims he was ‘Beaten up’ ?

The burden of proof is not on me, but on Marc Ching we have him him dead to rights lying and he can’t claim “I was lying then, but now I am telling the truth” Marc Ching With No Plan, a pea size brain at his disposal and his only true talent was being able to cry on demand, still believed he could pull off temporarily closing 6 slaughterhouses and rescue 1000 dogs, with no advance planning, no medical supplies and no vets oh and did we mention do all this in 4 days.

In Late May / Early June Marc Ching already started building the shelter at Nanning and that shelter would hold roughly 100 dogs, so he lied when on June 24th he claimed he wasn’t even there to rescue dogs, besides the fact that what was he going to do with all the dogs after he closed down the slaughterhouses? So his pity me post made absolutely no sense.

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