A perfect pair, almost the same. Macbeth and his Lady stood witty and strong. Their two faces of innocence were an immaculate cover-up for their cruel intentions. A nightmare alone, Macbeth realizes what he has committed. A little help from Lady sent his poor soul into the darkness of evil, for she has a heart of stone. Blood of a serpent, Macbeth is surely one who dramatically changes his way of thought. Confiding with his Lady is no longer of any need, his evil ambition has overridden all his fears. A commitment to evil, Macbeth can’t help but want more power at hand.

It seems as though his Lady is no longer his center of attention. A tragedy yet to come. Lady cannot stand the mental pain and agony that she goes through everyday. The once strong-minded woman slowly changes into a weak and guilty soul. As for Macbeth his fearless ways have lead him to his own tragedy. In the first act we see a relationship of power and force that anyone can notice between Macbeth and his Lady. Their attitude towards each other was incredibly striking. They were unique and seem to have original personalities.

The two both demonstrated great confidence and strength, which both stayed truthful to one another. Their ambition was quite unknown, they hadn’t come close to any kind of obstacle. In the second scene, it had almost seemed like day and night between act one and two. A letter receive by Lady from Macbeth told her of some prophesies given to him by three witches. Lady Macbeth became enchanted with words she reads and suddenly became engulfed with the thoughts of a very bad thing. When Macbeth returns, the couple seems glorious and full of life.

Lady tells her husband of a horrible scheme that may promise him a chance of being king of Scotland. Macbeth acts un-interested at the thought of even harming King Duncan of Scotland. Slowly but surely Lady manipulates Macbeth into a treacherous scheme that will kill Duncan and his watchmen. And so it happened it happened. With the help of lady, Macbeth slaughters Duncan and the watchmen. As time passes Macbeth becomes freaked out by every noise he hears and soon become paranoid. Lady tries to console Macbeth the best she can. Telling him not to worry and that “what’s done is done” but its too late.

Macbeth is gone into a guilty trance, which not even Lady can treat Macbeth soon becomes king of Scotland. Act three. A transition into evil. Macbeth becomes cold as ice. He has worked up a plan to kill his friend Banquo and his son Fleance. Baquo who was also with Macbeth when the prophesies were told. The three witches told Banquo that his son would be king as well! Banquo is killed, while his son Fleance slips away into the night. Macbeth no longer confides with his Lady and their relationship begins to wilt away like a dying rose. Macbeths attitude towards all his wrong doings is somewhat of no care at all.

His attitude towards himself is heartless and evil. His only ambition now is to create madness. In act four, Macbeth visits the same witches who told him first prophecies. It is now understood that Macbeth has committed himself to evil. His drive for wicked ambitions will not let him get away with it. By now we only know that Lady is sick with guilt. As for that she is not heard of in this scene. Macbeth, eventhough boosted by the second prophecies is somewhat worried by “Banquos Revenge” The predictions of Birnam Wood is almost like a joke to Macbeth, for now!

Macbeth demands that his men kill Macduff, who suspects that Macbeth has killed Duncan. Macbeth explains that he wants Macduffs whole family slain. Macbeths whole outlook on himself and his actions are of no mercy at all. His violent ways are becoming to extreme and violent, Therefore something must be done! As the final act comes to hand, Macbeth learns more about Birnam Wood. It is said that it will destroy him if it comes near, but how? Macbeth does not realize that his own destruction is about to begin. Macbeth starts to get ready in a rushing frenzy.

His patience is no longer a quality he has, therefore he has gone crazy. As for Lady, who agonizingly slips away into her own world of tragic guilt. Her way of life slowly becomes nothing, except for her pure mental sickness! She becomes so wrapped up in the horridness of her husband that she commits suicide. Leaving poor Macbeth alone! The love they ounce shared died before his lady even passed away. As Macduffs soldiers of ten thousand men from England arrive into mighty Scotland. The men grab branches from Birnam Wood before they arrive at Macbeths castle.

Macbeth now realizes that his time has now come. Macduff gets his chance and kills Macbeth. As for Macbeth and his Lady, We see how two people can slowly destroy one another by an incredible guilt. A transformation of love and wisdom to hate and stupidity, Macbeth and his Lady teach their readers an incredible lesson. A touching drama that only one with true understanding of dramatic impact and thought would feel a unique sense of sympathy for Macbeth and his Lady whom both truly went through a transition of pain.

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