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Jungle Juice Monologue Essay

Jungle Juice “You heard Morgan might get suspended? She’s been in the principal’s office all day” says Marcus. “Marcus could you slide me one of the chocolate milks? ” says Sam as he sits down with a tray of cheese pizza, fries, and an apple. “Yeah I gotta tell you this crazy story of what happened at her party last night. ” Marcus sits down on the opposite end of the lunch table and gives Sam chocolate milk. “Those fries are so stale I don’t know why you eat them. ” “I just use them to pick my teeth” Sam replies jokingly.

“So I pregamed with Jordan at his house because his parents weren’t home right? “Jordan is such a latchkey kid. I forgot the man had parents because they’re always gone” Marcus says. “That’s a fact my friend” Sam replies. So we’re already kinda faded… but I pull up to Morgan’s house with some jungle juice and just put it in a Sprite bottle. Just one of the 1. 5 liters. ” “Oh true. I would’ve come but I was at my aunt’s funeral” Marcus mentions. “Damn man, sorry to hear about your uncle. ” “But we walk in like a hour after the party starts and it’s packed! Her house isn’t even that big- like you know the houses off Kenbrook I’m talking about- but yeah everyone was there.

I walked in and all I smell is weed” Sam says. “That’s that Teen Spirit” Marcus laughs as he takes a sip of his milk. “Yeah team spirit. ” Sam starts counting on his fingers. “Marcus. I’m talking people from Wilson high, Fallston, Running Brook; I saw my guy from Eastern and then this Asian girl I use to talk to from Howard- I don’t know if you know Dana but yeah. ” “Yeah I follow her on Instagram” Marcus says scrolling down his Twitter timeline. “So I’m sipping on my jungle juice and I’m in the zone. I haven’t talked to any girls yet; the night is still young and I’m just doing me.

The boy Austin was DJ’ing and he was actually getting everyone to dance. I can’t remember the one song he was playing though. ” Sam snaps his fingers trying to remember. “Who from our-” “Dope Dealer! All the girls were going wild and I’m two-stepping with the football team with my drink in my left hand. ” Sam folds the rectangular shaped pizza and takes a big bite. “I haven’t seen Morgan this whole time until she comes down the steps like: Oh my God, hey Sam! ” Sam says with a mouth full of food. “Did she look good? ” Marcus asks. “Yeah and she was wearing those ’70s flared pants all the girls wear.

But I had ran halfway through my drink and had to go to the bathroom. The first floor was locked so I walk to the upstairs bathroom and I bump into Ariel and she’s with the boy Matt from Fallston-” “He’s one of Pierce’s friends right? ” “Yeah they came together… but him and Ariel went into one of the bedroom’s and I guess they had sex. ” Sam burps and tries to continue talking. “Well not guess. I could hear them from the bathroom. Thin walls my guy. ” Sam points to his brain. “The bathroom or Ariel? ” Marcus humorously chimes in. Sam dismisses Marcus’ comment. “What? Anyway… 0 minutes later when I’m catching up with Morgan in the living room I hear banging. ” “The police showed up? ” “That’s what I thought! But I hear the huge scream from upstairs: Nooo!! Stop!! Let me out the bathroom! ” Sam starts demonstrating. Marcus opens a bag of chips before sitting up to hear the story get more intense.

“I tried to figure out what was going on upstairs so I got closer to the steps… Ariel was banging on the door trying to get out of the bathroom: Bang! Bang! Bang! Her friends are trying to keep her in while she’s yelling: He raped me! He raped me-” “Whatttt? ” Marcus is in awe. The party is dead silent and Morgan jumps up from the couch. ” Sam quiets his voice a little as someone sits at the lunch seat next to theirs. “She’s says: Where’s Matt!? I mean this. Girl. Morgan is hounding him down. Some people let her know that he left with Pierce and his Fallston boys and she goes: Everybody get the fuck out my house! You know those Oprah jokes? She’s like: You get the fuck out! And you get the fuck out! Everyone get the fuck out! ” The two boys start laughing while taking a bite of their food. ‘Woah! He raped her-” “Morgan calls Pierce to come back: Pierce we need you and Matt to come back ASAP!

There’s a problem- this that and the third. ” Sam switches back to his normal voice. “Luckily it only took them five minutes because they were around the corner at the Walmart. So Matt comes back in and most of the people from the party are gone; Morgan kicked them out while they were waiting for him to come back. It’s only people from our school really-like 10 of us. ” “Where’s Ariel? ” Marcus reaches and takes one of Sam’s fries. “Well her friends are still trying to keep her in the bathroom. They said she was drinking, blase blah… so they tried giving her water. She’s yelling: I feel so dirty, I feel so dirty, let me out!

Her friends tell her to take a shower but she doesn’t want to. Crazy shit right? ” “What happened with Matt? ” “Damn Marcus can I tell the story!? So he walks into the living room and everyone kind of circles him and his friends. Morgan starts accusing him of raping Ariel and how he’s a terrible person. ” Sam sat up in his seat. “Now what I heard from when I was in the bathroom sounded like sex to me. ” Marcus put his face in his palms and starts chuckling “Dude you’re- you’re so weird. Continue. ” Sam sucks his teeth. “So Matt denies everything and says they didn’t even drink before having sex and it was consensual.

WOP! ” Sam starts laughing and slapping his knee. “She punched him dead in his jaw while he was talking mid-sentence. ” “He didn’t hit her back right? ” Marcus asked with concern. “Nah he wouldn’t do that. Plus he’s already guilty until proven innocent. He has no leverage. ” Sam recollects himself. “Morgan has all her volleyball friends behind her blocking the door and she says: Pierce why would you invite your dumbass friends!? I kid you not… this man Pierce looks everywhere but at Morgan and says: Ughh I didn’t know he was the RAPEY type… ” The two boys start laughing uncontrollably. 10 minutes left for lunch. Students please get ready to head to your 5th period class” sounded the intercom. “Even though it was a serious situation… his response was so dumb that even the girls blocking the door started giggling. ” Sam wipes a tear from his face.

“Matt is still defending himself the whole time and kept his cool. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard to believe a white boy wearing Chubbies with a turquoise Vineyard Vines shirt on. ” “And Ariel is black, so it’s not looking too good in the court of public opinion. That’s that Cosby or whatever” Marcus chimes in. Yeah so Matt is trying to go upstairs and talk to Ariel but Morgan forces everyone to leave” Sam takes another bite of his food. “Yeah that’s wild I’ve never been at a party where something like that happened. ” “Yeah it’s sick. They decided to take Ariel to the hospital to get looked at. Jordan is the only one with a license so he took Ariel, Morgan, and her friends. They had no space for me so I just stayed back and sat on Morgan’s porch.

While they were leaving, Ariel is screaming: They all think I’m a whore! They think I’m a whore! I just couldn’t help but feel bad. ” “What happened at the hospital? “Yeah I’m sitting on the porch when Jordan calls me… He asked if I could get her phone from the bathroom. I’m on it… Sol ask him what happened and he says: She didn’t tell us what happened… she didn’t want the rape kit… she didn’t wanna press charges… Hangs up. Click! ” “Woahhh that’s kinda suspect. She didn’t wanna press charges? ” Marcus was skeptical. “I guess that means she. ” “I don’t know. And as I’m trying to put the pieces together… ” Sam’s eyes widen. “I walk up to the bathroom to see if she left anything… I grab her phone… but I found my damn jungle juice empty sitting in the sink!

You don’t understand how pissed I was! ” Marcus shakes his head and takes a sip of his milk. “Man, no one cares about your damn jungle juice! ” “Yeah but she probably drank it. I worked hard on that drink Marcus! ” Sam jokingly bangs his fist on the table. “When Jordan dropped me off that night from Morgan’s house he told me she lied because she didn’t want to feel like a whore… so that’s all I know. ” Marcus runs his fingers through his afro. “Sheesh. I guess word got out and that’s why Morgan’s in the office. ” “Yeah Morgan might get suspended for having all the drinking at her party or she’ll have to detail what happened that night.

Ariel- I don’t think she came today so I don’t know. Matt-Theard his prom date dumped him and I guess he’ll forever be known as the rapey type whether he did it or not. ” Sam laughs and takes his milk carton to shoot it in the bin. “Kobe! ” Marcus wipes his face with a napkin. “Well I think he did it. Rape victims lie all the time just so they don’t have to deal with the fear. ” “Well after listening to what I told you, why would you think that? ” “Well-“ *Lunch bell rings* The boys head to their next class” “Yo Sam I’ll just catch you after school. “

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