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Julius Caesar Leadership Essay

A dictionary definition of a leader is a guiding hand in a movement or group. My definition of a leader is someone who stands out amongst the rest and steps up to the task and helps the “followers” advance and strive to become a leader as well. The only way a leader can be effective is by leading by example. A prime example of this is Malala Yousafzai. She was shot in the face for trying to go to school. If she hadn’t gone to school she wouldn’t have been shot, but she also wouldn’t have a Nobel Peace prize.

She is now using her story to speak for access to education for everyone. A leader is someone who leads by example and uses their skills to help others succeed. A desirable leader isn’t the most common on a movie set, but a few actors stand out compared to others. One of those remarkable people is Gerard Butler. He is a well-known actor that has starred in many movies such as Phantom of the Opera, Olympus has Fallen, and 300. In the movie 300, Butler plays King Leonidas, a strong hero who does whatever it takes to keep Sparta safe.

He leads his army of three-hundred into a battle against the Persian army of over a million. They fought valiantly and died honorable deaths, but to make the movie look like they were well-oiled, fighting machines – they had to go through training. The three-hundred men all trained rigorously, but Butler trained harder. Not only did his character lead his army into battle, Butler himself trained harder than all the rest of the cast members. He started training four months before everyone else.

His reasoning was that he was playing the king and the king had to be bigger than everyone else. His training encouraged the others to perform better individually and as a team and in the end they all looked like they had been fighting together for their entire lives instead of just five short weeks. Gerard Butler is a leader on and off the movie set because he sets the example and influences others to strive towards success. From dictators to presidents, the history books are filled with wise leaders who led by example. Julius Caesar was a dictator of the Roman Empire.

His rule was adored by nearly everyone, especially the poor and lower classes. Caesar fought in many battles, which gained him notoriety. One of the most famous battles is his battle against Pompey. Because of all his battles, he was the wealthiest man in Rome. The people’s love and admiration for Caesar only grew when he distributed out land to the poor. He battled by his soldier’s sides and reformed the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar’s leadership is something to be marveled at for his ability to set a standard that can be looked up to by others.

Another leader, who is probably the most famous leader of our nation is George Washington. He was our nation’s first president and the leader of the continental army. In total George Washington fought in twenty-nine battles with his men. His men chose to follow him into battle and then chose him to be president because of his strong leadership skills. He was known as a “visionary leader” because he strived for his goals no matter how long they took to accomplish.

If you were look at a list of his accomplishments it would be extensive and brilliant. He became an army general for the Continental Army, became the first two-term president, he created the first cabinet of the executive branch, and let’s not forget the Jay Treaty, the Treaty of Greenville, and the Pickney’s Treaty which all prompted peace and friendship. George Washington is known as the Father of this country for a reason, that reason is his leadership skills and his visionary ability.

In the end, a leader doesn’t have to be from a perfect world, but more likely a diamond in the rough. Gerard Butler didn’t start off as the actor he is today, he got there by stepping up and taking charge. Julius Caesar would have never become the leader he was if he didn’t fight for his beliefs. George Washington would have never been the great man he was if he didn’t lead and inspire those around him. While leaders may lead in different ways, the greatest of them lead by example to help those around them succeed and accomplish notable achievements.

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