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Gender Roles In The Workplace Essay

Gender roles in the workplace
• Nursing industry and how it is only for woman
• And if this is so male and female roles is this an outdated concept.
Nonetheless before we can start to understand gender within the workplace I think understanding and looking at Hawthorne’s studies or theories on the organization and workplace as an example of how even though studies were done on treatment of workers on a whole was explored but the idea of gender wasn’t. Hawthorne’s studies on organization and workplace that suggested that there was a shift from the tayloristic way of seeing the organisation which was scientific management to a newer way of viewing and highlighting workers as been seen as human beings within the workplace (human relations…

gender. This plays into the idea that there is a big gender divide based on stereotyping within the workplace between men and women. An example of this would mean taking sick leave and it being ok however when women take maternity leave there is a stigma behind it. Catalyst did a peace of research on who makes more money within the workplace after analysing their research they found out that ‘’ men still make more money than women and men (particularly white men) are over-represented in top leadership positions’’ (Catalyst, 2004)
This can be referred to as the glass ceiling ‘’ the “glass ceiling,” which presents an impenetrable barrier at some point in a woman’s career’’ (Morrison, White, & Van Velsor, 1987). Because of that will affect women at some stage of their career because of them being unable to go forward within their workplace or go higher up after a position within the workplace ladder. Even though sex discrimination has been introduced within the workplace many women are still in low pay, low status, gender segregated jobs (Davidson 1992)
Fordism and post Fordism which is marked by increasing levels of jobs.
(Men were twice as likely as woman to work in highly segregated jobs and half as likely to work in unsegregated…

Do men and woman use language in different ways?
2. In what ways does language-in structure, content, and daily usage reflect and help constitute sexual inequality?
3. How sexist Language change?
In my opinion I believe that these 3 questions are something that is still unanswered when talking about gender communication.

Gender segregation
(Over time there has been a variety of studies on gender segregation with in the workforce. They have found multiple things that show that men and woman have been concentrated in different industries and that woman are over-represented in the least skilled and lower paid within the same ones.
Woman are under-represented in the most powerful positions at the top of occupational hierchies and in skilled, working class jobs, and are concentrated in a much narrower range of occupations that are men….

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