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Frankenstein: Who is the victim

In Frankenstein, the monster and Victor are both put through many depressing and hurtful situations. I think that the monster was the true victim. He was rejected by everyone he came across from the day he entered life. His creator was never there to teach him right from wrong or responsibility. And also, the monster’s soon-to-be wife was killed before his eyes. These agonies are what make the monster more of a victim than Victor Frankenstein does. From the beginning, the monster was abandoned by his creator Victor, the only man he’s ever had a relationship with.

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He was made eight feet tall and very grotesque. At first sight, his creator rejects him. The monster tries to integrate himself into society, only to be shunned universally. When the creature goes to the village, he is attacked because of his horrifying appearance. He assists a group of poor peasants and saves a girl from drowning, but because of his outward looks, he is rewarded only with beatings and disgust. The monster is left to live his life with no help from his creator after being abandoned. While having the mind of a newborn, this is not easy for him.

By not knowing right from wrong, he murdered Victor’s loved ones in order to get attention. He never had anyone to teach him how to live life with dignity and respect. This is a major loss for a living being. The creator is at fault here because the monster does not know better. Victor should have taken responsibility by accepting, raising, and controlling the monster. After Victor destroys his work on the female monster meant to ease the monster’s solitude, the monster is overcome with suffering and sadness.

These feelings affected his state of mind and caused him to do the wrong things. He did not deserve to see his one and only mate be destroyed. The monster has many dramatizing factors in his life. He did not deserve the way he was treated, but he really had no choice. His creator was irresponsible and did not teach him anything about life. His ugly appearance is what caused everyone to reject him. And the peoples fear of him is what caused his possible wife to never be. He was definitely the victim because he didn’t know any better.

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